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Holiday Hours

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Spooky Nook Sports Adds New Group Exercise Class for Baby Boomers

Spooky Nook Sports is excited to add a revolutionary new fitness series to our group exercise offerings. BOOM is a series of group exercise classes designed specifically for baby boomers who want to stay fit, get...

#TrainerTipTuesday: How Often Should You Work Out Your Abs?

By: David Kennedy, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

#TrainerTipTuesday: Should Women Be Wary To Lift Heavy Weights?

By: Marty Murphy, Personal Trainer

#TrainerTipTuesday: Why Should You Use Kettlebells?

By: Kelly Murphy, Personal Trainer

#TrainerTipTuesday: Should You Stretch Before Or After A Workout?

By: David Kennedy, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

#TrainerTipTuesday: How Do You Stay Motivated?

By: Marty Murphy, Personal Trainer

#TrainerTipTuesday: What Type Of Cardio Do You Recommend?

By: David Kennedy, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach 

Sponsor Spotlight - Healthy Tips for a Nutritious Lifestyle by Musselman's

For this month's sponsorship spotlight we are featuring Musselman’s! Check out these eight healthy ways to incorporate apple sauce into your lifestyle:

Beat the Heat – 4 Ways to Keep Cool With Your Kids This Summer

Keep Cool

School’s out & summer’s in! It’s time to enjoy the weather and play outside in the sunshine. When the sun is unbearable and you’re trying to beat the heat, keep cool with these four fun games!

Which Step Tracker Is Best For You?

“Buzz, buzz, buzz,” sounds the Fitbit when you reach your goal of 10,000 steps! Whether you want to count your calories or just count your steps, these four step trackers have been voted the best by our Spooky Nook...