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Spooky Nook Sports Introduces New Fitness Expansion


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Manheim, Pa - Spooky Nook Sports is proud to announce the expansion of our fitness center and fitness membership offerings! We are grateful to the numerous members and staff whose feedback and ideas contributed to the design of this expansion.

Since our opening in June 2013, our fitness center memberships have seen significant growth. We are excited to add another 50,000 square feet to our existing fitness area to accommodate our growth and increasing memberships. The anticipated expansion will occur in multiple phases.

The expansion will feature amenities to help members stay active and stay focused on living a healthy lifestyle. It will also promote convenient and exclusive member-only access, while limiting interactions with tournament and event patrons. Members will enjoy a private member entrance as well as a member-only parking lot, and new, member-only locker rooms including showers and bathrooms. Childcare will also be conveniently relocated near the member entrance.

Other Amenities and Equipment Include:

  • 200 meter track
  • Additional weight training equipment including platforms
  • American Ninja Warrior style training course
  • Member-exclusive basketball court
  • Member-exclusive turf field
  • Turf covered hill
  • Additional cardio equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, and Jacobs ladders
  • Pickle ball courts
  • Additional squat racks
  • Boxing area
  • A Michael Phelps Swim Spa

Starting now, all members can stop at the guest services desk or fitness front desk to view display boards showcasing the plans for the new expansion.

We thank you for your continued support as we continue to grow and expand our facility and our offerings.

For any further questions, please contact:

Jim Launer, Director of Sports Performance:  jiml@nooksports.com
Alyssa Stefanadis, Fitness Sales Manager:  alyssas@nooksports.com

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