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Sports Performance

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Performance Training at Spooky Nook Sports

Sports performance training is different from your typical trip to the gym. Instead of working out to look fit and stay healthy, you work out to perform at a certain level for a specific sport. Our sports performance training programs are specially designed to help you demolish your goals, learn new skills and shatter your personal records.

Every movement, exercise and stretch we use during training is designed to enhance your athletic abilities, pack more power into your personal talents and strengthen areas of weakness.

Spooky Nook Sports Performance is proud to partner with Turnpaugh Health & Wellness.



Sports Performance Programs & Camps

1. Explosive Force Production, Reaction Times, Speed and Agility

Sports Performance training focuses on increasing the power behind your every move as well as improving your reaction time, speed and agility. We'll have you moving sideways (frontal), forward (sagittal) and rotationally (transverse) to help you reach new levels of agility, speed, and power.

2. Sport-Specific Movement Patterns

Our sports performance programs are designed to optimize an athlete's ability to execute when they're competing. Every aspect of training has a specific purpose, process, and result. Whether you're trying to up your hurdle game for track or increase your speed for soccer, our sports performance coaches will work with you to realize your performance goals. 

3. Training Load Management, Recovery, Regeneration and Flexibility

Spooky Nook Sports performance training optimizes the balance of training loads, mobility and varied stretching techniques to attain results while also preserving an ideal level of athlete readiness.

4. Injury Prevention

Injuries are the worst possible outcome in the world of sports. Spooky Nook Sports Performance programming is designed to not only enhance athletic performance but also to reduce the risk of injury. Spooky Nook Sports Performance boasts some of the most qualified sports injury strength coaches in the area who are also dual-qualified as certified athletic trainers (ATC), physical therapy assistants (PTA) and physical therapy aids.

Benefits of Sports Performance Training

You can expect to take advantage of the following benefits with sports performance training:

  • Customization: We offer sports performance training for individuals and teams, youth to adult. No matter where you are in your performance journey, we'll work to create a training plan to help you reach your performance goals.
  • Capitalizing on Potential: Our strength & conditioning experts at Spooky Nook Sports Performance will help you reach your athletic potential in your sport. 
  • Speed and Strength: Spooky Nook Sports Performance athletes will enhance their speed and strength capabilities through individualized, evidence-based programming.
  • Injury Prevention: Our scientifically proven methods will keep your body agile, healthy and prepared for the rigors of the field.
  • Nutrition and physical performance: At Spooky Nook Sports, we go beyond performance training by teaching our clients about the enormous role nutrition plays in physical performance.

What You'll Find at Spooky Nook Sports

Our sports performance center is fully equipped to accommodate your training needs. You’ll find plenty of equipment, a 60-yard sprint track and 30-yard by 10-yard turf field.  Other training amenities utilized for sports performance training include our 200M indoor track, indoor turf training hill and the outdoor sandpit. 

When you visit our convenient location, you’ll see firsthand that we have the latest equipment and experienced sports performance coaches that are committed to helping people reach and surpass their performance goals.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, you’re just getting started with a fitness plan or you fall somewhere in between, we can help you reach your goals. If you’re searching for sports performance facilities near Hershey, Lebanon, Lancaster, and Harrisburg, you won’t have to look beyond Spooky Nook Sports to find a location that’s equipped and staffed to help you take your performance to the next level. We're also family-friendly! On our grounds, you'll find a hotel, arcades, sports courts and an on-site restaurant.

Professional Athletes, contact us directly for training information at 717.618.8538.


Join The Nook and enjoy full privileges in the nation’s largest sports complex.

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