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Summer Camps

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Summer Camp Registration is Open!

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Training for Youth and Teen Athletes

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A Membership Designed for Youth and Teen Athletes
Sports Performance for youth and teen athletes (ages 6+) uses scientific and proven methods to train for their sport. This unique program is personalized to each individual and the sport that they play. It both improves fitness and helps prevent injury. Our professional training is facilitated by the best training staff in the Northeast. Every Nook Sports Performance Coach has a CSCS or NASM certification.

Performance Evaluation
As a first step in the training process, each athlete is taken through a comprehensive evaluation of strength, speed, and agility to determine their base level of performance. We will test vertical jump, broad jump, pro agility, push-up, sit-up, pull-up or flexed arm hang, and 10/20/40 yard sprints.

Family Memberships
We have updated our membership age limits and are now offering a Jr. Certification program where your child can workout and take classes on their own! They will learn proper weight training, safe use of fitness equipment, and fitness floor etiquette. Registration forms are available at our Fitness Desk.

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Weekly Sessions

  • Strength: Individualized lifting programs take into consideration personal goals as well as athletic demands of particular sports, with a focus on building a foundation of functional strength and proper movement patterns.
  • Speed and Agility: Group speed and agility sessions focus on acceleration/deceleration, lateral movement, balance, coordination, injury prevention, explosiveness, and conditioning.
  • One to One Sessions: Work with your trainer independently and get direct results while focusing on your areas of improvement. You choose either strength or speed and agility.


VertiMax Get resistance training with VertiMax. 1-4 sessions: $30 per session 5 sessions: $125 10 sessions: $249

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