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Youth Soccer

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In central Pennsylvania, kids of all ages can compete in a soccer league at a state-of-the-art indoor facility near them. Spooky Nook Sports has two facilities with high-quality turf fields and access to the best coaching opportunities in the area. Visit Spooky Nook Sports to learn how your child can get involved with youth indoor soccer leagues in central PA. 

Kids' Soccer Leagues in Central Pennsylvania

SNS_Sports_SoccerYouth soccer players at any age or skill level can find an opportunity to learn and grow at Spooky Nook Sports. We host PIAA-officiated leagues and tournaments all year round for boys', girls' and coed teams from U9 through U19. Groups will meet once a week and play multiple games per day, totaling around eight games per season. 

Your young athlete will enjoy access to our world-class facilities, excellent coaching and competitive games with players that match their skill level. Our staff will ensure your child learns the proper skills and techniques to start their athletic journey. Join our leagues to learn the game or keep skills sharp during the scholastic league's offseason. 


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Soccer Events Held Per Year

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Age Range for Youth Sports

Clinics and Camps

6v6 Summer Soccer League - SNS NewsletterBeyond our year-round youth soccer leagues, Spooky Nook Sports offers various opportunities for athletes to develop their skills and knowledge through clinics and camps. Sign up for a session to receive group training from our staff that boasts years of either collegiate or professional coaching experience. Young athletes will focus on specific skills like shooting, passing, dribbling or goalkeeping and learn new techniques to incorporate into their game. 

Spooky Nook Sports also hosts a 'Your Choice' soccer program that allows groups of players ages 3 to 16 to develop a soccer program around their schedules. Choose a date and time that works for your group and schedule a four-week program at our facility. We'll send an electronic link your group can use to register, and Coach Rossi will conduct a program of your choosing. 

To start training with the best, browse our soccer calendar online. 


'Your Choice' Soccer

(Ages 3-16)

Are you interested in having your child participate in Soccer at the Nook, but we don't hold a program on a day or time that fits your child's schedule? You pick a day and time in which you would like to hold a 4-week program. You then invite your child’s friends and neighbors to participate. We’ll send them an electronic link and they’ll be able to come to our website and register. Coach Rossi will conduct your choice soccer programs.

If you're interested, contact soccer@nooksports.com.

Please note that in order for us to conduct a ‘Your choice’ Soccer Program, we need a minimum of 10 enrollees. Also, as a way of thanking you for scheduling the program, we will waive the registration fee for your child.

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Class Descriptions

Kiddie Kickers: (Ages 2-4) This class is an introduction to soccer. A variety of games are used to develop kicking, running, dribbling & body mastery. This fun, active program helps develop listening skills, motor skills, balance and coordination.

Soccer Skills Clinic for U8's: (Ages 5-7) This clinic is designed to make you a better player and teach the fundamentals of the game! Classes will be conducted in a fun, enjoyable environment. All participants will be taught a series of activities to assist them in their soccer skill development. Players will train individually with their own ball and in small groups as they “Master the Ball” in dribbling, shooting, passing & first touch exercises.

Footballitis Ball Mastery & Moves: (Ages 8-12) Ball Mastery and Moves Clinic is action packed and filled with high energy, fast paced skills. Players are encouraged to touch the ball 1,000 times per class. Each class will be broken down to include: Fast Footwork Coerver, Moves and Fakes, Juggling, Ball Mastery, Fitness, Speed, Agility, Circuit Training, Ladder work, Explosiveness.

Shots & Stops Soccer Clinic: (Ages 8-12) ‘Shots’ is about shooting, hitting the target, and scoring goals. Athletes will attempt shots unopposed to master the art of scoring. As classes progress, pressure will be added to test abilities in game situations. ‘Stops’ is about goalkeeping and shot stopping. Coaches will cover low, mid, and high balls, as well as diving and distribution. Goalkeepers will also be tested against shooters attempting to score.

Attacking & Defending Soccer Clinic:(Ages 8-14) This clinic is designed to teach the principles of Attacking and Defending. Attacking will cover the offensive third. Players will be taught when to shoot, when to pass and when to dribble while going to goal. 1 v 1, 2 v 1 and 3 v 2 game situations will be emphasized. Defending teaches you how to defend in game situations. You’ll learn how to contain offensive pressure and slow down attacking players. This is a great way to polish your defensive skills.

Shooting & Finishing Soccer Clinic: (Ages 8-14) Shooting & Finishing sessions are taught to hit the back of the net and score goals with and without pressure. Players will learn the proper technique to apply more power and accuracy to their game. Shooting stationary balls, dribbling & shooting, turning and shooting, driving the ball, chipping the ball, controlling the ball and volleys will all be implemented in this Fun and physically demanding class!

Meet The Team


Braden Elliott

League Manager

Braden Elliott

League Manager
At The Nook Since: 2016
Fun Fact: I collect soccer jerseys and currently have about 50 in my closet.
Advice To Young Athletes: Don't limit yourself to one sport or activity. Do as many different things as you can while you're able.

Gary Ross (Rossi)

Soccer Coach

Gary Ross (Rossi)

Soccer Coach
At The Nook Since: 2014
Fun Fact: I run 5 miles everyday. Even in the snow, rain, wind, hot, and cold temperatures!
Advice To Young Athletes: Follow your dreams, strive to be the best you can be and never give up. The harder you work and push yourself, the better you'll be.

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