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Personal Training

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Professional & Certified
Our certified instructors have advanced degrees in exercise science plus extensive training experience.  We provide individual assessments and counseling to help people at all levels improve fitness, nutrition, and avoid injuries. Whether you’re looking for instruction and guidance to improve your health, or you’re an athlete seeking to better your game, personal training is an asset to meeting your goals.

Individual attention from a professional trainer can help you build critical skills, adjust training habits, and be a more strategic player, building the foundation for future success in your sport or your health.

1 session | $60
5 sessions | $290
10 sessions | $560

View our package options or contact Tom at thomasb@nooksports.com.

personal Training mission statement

The Spooky Nook Personal Training Program is committed to providing an exceptional training experience by educating and assisting individuals at any fitness level to safely achieve their goals by creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Professional Trainers

Our friendly, experienced trainers are eager to help you improve your health or your game. Schedule one-on-one or group sessions today and take your fitness to the next level.

Tony Dague, Professional Trainer

Tony Dague

Professional Trainer

Martin Murphy, Professional Trainer

Martin Murphy

Professional Trainer

Leah Mellinger, Master Certified Personal Trainer

Leah Mellinger

Master Certified Personal Trainer

Jennifer Durbin, Premier Certified Perosnal Trainer

Jennifer Durbin

Premier Certified Personal Trainer

Darryl Daniel, Certified Personal Trainer

Darryl Daniel

Certified Personal Trainer

Nicholas Pastorino, Certified Personal Trainer

Nicholas Pastorino

Certified Personal Trainer

Rachel Andrews, Certified Personal Trainer

Rachel Andrews

Certified Personal Trainer

Duties of a Personal Trainer

The world of personal training may seem like an unfamiliar and mysterious realm. Questions about what makes a good personal trainer and the benefits of hiring a personal trainer may be circulating in your mind. That's why we've compiled everything you might be wondering about in one place.

It's the personal trainer's responsibility to design a safe and effective fitness program. Together, you and your trainer will set goals, discuss any physical limitations or injuries you have and put together an all-encompassing training regimen for you to follow. A trainer will ensure you're performing every exercise safely and with perfect form. They'll push your limits, encourage you to achieve your intermediate benchmarks and help you accomplish your goals.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer comes with many benefits, including:

  • Injury prevention: Trainers will keep you safe as you excel, decreasing your likelihood of getting injured. By watching your every move and ensuring proper form every step of the way, they'll keep you working hard without the risk of injury.
  • Accountability: If you struggle with commitment or self-motivation — and even if you don't — your trainer will be there to help you stay fired up throughout your training journey.
  • Personalized instruction and goals: Your trainer will help you reach specific goals through customized workouts. Every scrap of energy you put into your workout will go toward hitting your target.
  • Efficiency: Following a specially designed program optimizes your workout time. You won't waste a single second with personalized training.
  • Motivation: We know tough workouts can be hard to finish. Your personal trainer will help pump you up with all the motivation you need to hit your reps, up your speed and break your records.
  • Progress tracking: Personal trainers don't just help you perform better — they also keep track of your progress. There's nothing quite like looking back at where you were when you started and comparing that to where you are now.

What Makes a Good Personal Trainer?

There's more to a good personal trainer than playing a sport and reading sports performance magazines. Good personal trainers are certified, with degrees in fields such as exercise science, physiology, or kinesiology. They also have years of experience, so they know how to keep you safe while they train, motivate and challenge you.

Where Does Personal Training Take Place?

You'll likely take part in your personal training at a gym or sports complex. These spaces allow access to a full range of equipment for all your training needs. They're also a great place to feel inspired and inspire others with your training routines.

How Often Should I Meet With My Personal Trainer?

If you're new to training, you'll likely want to meet two or three times per week for two to three months. At the end of those first few months, you and your trainer will evaluate your results and reset goals. For athletes, it's common to meet up to five times per week for at least six months depending on the training program. Some programs are year-round while others are seasonal.


The Nook offers intensive training in sessions lasting a half day or more.


The Nook offers intensive training in sessions lasting a half day or more.