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Rock Climbing Training Exercises - How To Train For Rock Climbing

Like all sports, rock climbing requires an investment of your time and energy to learn new skills. If you want to continue growing as an athlete, rock climbing exercises can be self-challenging and help you develop...

How To Play Bubble Ball - Official Rules Of Bubble Ball

Bubble ball — created by the BBA — is more competitive compared to other games using the plastic equipment. Participants play faster with more agility and strategy to score the most points.

Should I Join a gym?

Many Perks and Benefits

A gym membership comes with a ton of perks. Naturally, regular workouts have their health benefits, and it’s recommended that we get a certain amount of physical exercise each week. A gym...

Do You Need a Personal Trainer? - Personal Training Benefits

For many people, the idea of hiring a personal trainer seems odd. After all, aren't personal trainers only for the wealthy, professional athletes, bodybuilders or already fit folks?

How to Train for a 5K Run - 5K Training Tips For Beginners

Does the thought of running 3.1 miles scare you a little? Have you ever said to yourself, "I can't even run a mile, let alone more than three!"

Understanding the Importance of Cross-Training Activities & Exercises

Do you have a particular exercise you can't get enough of? Maybe it's lifting weights. Or perhaps you're an avid rock climber. While it's fine to be devoted to one sport, you owe it to your body to "mix it up" now...

Bachelorette Party Weekend Getaway Ideas - Bachelorette Party Getaways

When you've been tasked with coming up with bachelorette getaway ideas, you might initially be scratching your head. After all, how can you come up with something that's particularly fun and imaginative? Doesn't...

Unique Bachelor Party Locations - Sports Weekend Bachelor Party

Planning a bachelor party doesn’t have to include the same old destinations and typical activities. You and your friends want a memorable and fun time, so why not switch it up and create a sports-themed bachelor...