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The Importance of Incorporating Agility & Speed into Your Workouts


In the world of fitness, strength training is often synonymous with heavy lifting. While strength training remains a crucial aspect of weight training, focusing solely on raw power might neglect a critical component: agility and speedwork. Incorporating agility and speed exercises into your weigh training routine, has a few benefits that go beyond building up your muscle mass.

Enhanced Muscle FIber Recruitment

Traditional weightlifting primarily targets slow-twitch muscled fibers, which is responsible for endurance and sustained efforts. Agility and speed exercises, such as plyometrics and sprints, activate fast-twitch fibers, leading to improved muscle coordination.

Injury Prevention

Well-rounded fitness routines don’t just focus on building strength but also on injury prevention. Incorporating agility drills enhances proprioception and balance, which are crucial components of injury prevention. According to Healthline, proprioception is the reason we’re able to move freely without consciously thinking about our environment. By training the body to move efficiently and react swiftly to external stimuli, athletes can reduce the likelihood of injuries associated with weightlifting.

Functional Strength Development

Agility and speedwork facilitate the development of functional strength by improving dynamic movement patterns. Whether playing a recreational sport, carrying groceries, or navigating everyday obstacles, the ability to move quickly is an invaluable skill throughout your daily life.

Plateau Breaking

The most dedicated weightlifters encounter plateaus in their workout regiment and training. Incorporating agility and speedwork, provides variety into your routine, and challenges your body in new ways. Cross-training with agility exercises assists in keeping your workouts engaging and stimulates muscle adaptation.

Mental Conditioning

 When going through your fitness journey, it’s important to take into consideration your mental resilience. Although all aspects of your fitness regime take focus and concentration, it’s important to be mindful when completing agility and speedwork. Both demand focus, quick decision making and adaptability, which fosters a strong mind and body connection. By pushing yourself not only physically, but mentally, you can nurture your mental toughness.

Sports Performance Enhancement

For athletes participating in sports that require speed, agility, and explosiveness, such as basketball or soccer, incorporating agility and speedwork is non-negotiable. Speed and agility exercises mimic the demands of sport-specific movements, improve reaction time, change of direction, and overall athletic performance. Did you know we have a Sports Performance area located within our facility? Athletes of all ages and abilities can schedule sessions for individual and group trainings with our knowledgeable and experienced coaches. Let’s work together on accomplishing your fitness goals. Chat with one of our knowledgeable and skilled fitness team members.

Stay Active and Achieve your goals at Spooky Nook Sports

Incorporating agility and speedwork into your weight training and workout routine isn’t just about diversifying your workouts – it’s about unlocking your full potential. By embracing simple agility drills alongside traditional strength and weight training, you can reduce the risk of injury and elevate your performance when lifting. Whether you’re a seasoned weightlifter or just beginning your fitness journey, schedule a session with one of our Sports Performance coaches today!

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