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Gabriela Blackburn

Recent Posts

2019 Breakfast With Santa At The Nook

Breakfast with Santa at The Nook has been a magical experience for hundreds of children since its start in 2014. This year's Breakfast with Santa will surely be an event you don’t want to miss!

2019 Community Job Fair Recap

In mid-September of 2019, Spooky Nook Sports held a Community Job Fair. We were given the opportunity to ask a few companies some questions about the event. 

5 Secrets to Fitting Fitness Into Your Life

We have all been told time and time again that fitness should play a vital role in our lives. For some, maintaining a constant exercise schedule into your daily routine is not as easy as it sounds. If you are someone...

Mamava Nursing Station added to Spooky Nook Facility

Spooky Nook Sports is announcing their newest addition, the Penn State Health Mamava nursing station. The Mamava nursing station will be the first of its kind in Lancaster County.

6 Ways to Make Your Group's Field Trip Memorable

Field trips are wonderful opportunities for children to experience new things, be active and have fun. The enjoyable memories your child makes on a field trip can last them a lifetime. Here are six ways to make your...

7 Unknown Facts About Arcade Games

The history of arcades is full of fun details! Here are seven unknown facts about arcade games:

Take a Self-Guided Tour At Spooky Nook

Taking a self-guided tour around our 700,000 square foot complex may seem challenging, but there are maps placed throughout The Nook to make navigation easy for all guests. 

6 Birthday Party Themes You’ll Want to Plan Today

Here are six birthday party themes you’ll want to try out to ensure your next celebration is one to remember!

Nook Wins Multiple Awards at 2019 CPBJ Reader Rankings

At the 2019 Reader Rankings dinner, Spooky Nook Sports was awarded for being the top Health & Fitness Center, as well as Event & Meeting Facility in Central Pennsylvania.

7 Ways To Prepare Yourself For A Job Fair

If you plan on attending a job fair, but have no idea how to prepare, don’t fret! Here are some great tips to help you achieve success at any job fair: