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Nook Softball Teams Earn National Champion Titles

On July 29, 2018 Nook Softball was able to bring home two national championships.

Recap: Central Penn Parent Discussion on Youth Sports Injuries

Jim Launer, the Chief Athletic Officer at Spooky Nook Sports, recently sat down with Central Penn Parent and a group of experts to discuss injuries in youth sports.

Company Culture At Spooky Nook Sports


'Company Culture' is a term that is becoming increasingly popular. Businesses continue to improve and define their culture each and every day.

Should I Join a gym?

Many Perks and Benefits

A gym membership comes with a ton of perks. Naturally, regular workouts have their health benefits, and it’s recommended that we get a certain amount of physical exercise each week. A gym...

Team Member Spotlight: Kevin Glover

I sat down with Kevin Glover, one of our Nook Basketball Technical Directors, to talk about basketball at The Nook, fun facts about himself, and why it's so important to give back to your community. Here's what he,...

What Does It Mean To Be A Free Agent At The Nook?

At Spooky Nook Sports, we offer a variety of Adult Rec Leagues that you can sign up for. With most of them, there is an option to register as a Free Agent.

Nook Wins Multiple Central Penn Family Favorite Awards

Central Penn Parent recently announced the winners of the 2018 Family Favorite Awards.

Here's What Makes Nook Summer Camps Special


Packing For A Bus Trip - Tips For What To Bring On A Bus Trip

Overnight charter bus trips are an exciting way to explore multiple areas with less planning and driving involved than if you traveled by yourself.

Field Hockey Director, Matt Soto, Named Coach of the Year

The National High School Coaches Association has named Matt Soto their National High School Field Hockey Coach of the Year.