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Women's Panel At The Nook


Thursday, April 14, 2022 | Lancaster, PA: In April of 2022, we hosted a 4-person women's panel that dove deep into what it means to be a woman in leadership in the workplace. We welcomed Dr. Lucia Murphy of The Leadership Architect Group, Jasmyne King of YWCA Lancaster, Kate Lowry of PA College of Health Sciences, and Vanessa Philbert of Community Action Partnership. Our moderator for the panel was Cooperate Director of Marketing & Partnerships at The Nook, Mackenzie Bender. 

We explored how woman can empower themselves through authenticity in who they are and what they do. We compared how characteristics are viewed differently between genders, we explored the idea of work-life balance, and we discussed how to get a "seat at the table", along with so many other thought-provoking topics. Below are some of the best snippets from our Q&A that grasp the essence of what it means to be a woman in leadership today.

Q: Bender: In what ways have you seen a company benefit by having women involved in leadership?

     A: Philbert: Women bring a connection to the workplace. Those of us that are moms or part of families bring the connection we have at home to the work-place.

     A: Lowry: We are willing to explore options, we are empathetic, and understanding. Many people associate those adjectives with being soft, but it's not. We are willing to listen and take time to explore and have a better understanding. Once we are able to do that successfully, it's reciprocated by our team and leads to a better team environment.

     A: King: We can bring empathy, courageousness, and understanding because we experience it every day. There are certain barriers and we have to get over the hump of the resume, we can be our authentic selves.

     A: Murphy: When you have female leadership, you have awareness. When a leader is engaged and understands emotional intelligence, great things can happen.


Q: Bender: Work-life balance is somewhat of a "buzz word" right now. Can you talk a bit about how you balance your career, personal life, and your passion?

     A: Philbert: I don't look at it as a work-life balance. I look at it as seasons. There will be times where things are busier and you feel stretched out and there will be times where things are slower and you can recuperate. It's important to be able to identify the different seasons and maximize on them.

     A: Lowry: I used to be a VP and now I'm a Director. It took a lot of self-reflection to realize what I needed. I wasn't doing anything well and I needed to take time to figure out what was best for myself. I took a step back from my work-life to focus more on my personal life. As a woman, it is hard for us to do that. To be a mom, to take a step back and to be present in what is most important to us, not be present in as many things as possible.

     A: King: I am always consistently learning what work-life balance means. I used to feel like if I did not show up at every single thing, I was failing. If something does not bring me joy, I do not do it. I've learned that mental health is key. I pour into myself before I expect others to pour into me. I can't be my best, authentic self for others if I don't pour into me first.

     A: Murphy: I like to say do less, do the right thing, and do it now. Be present where you are and know what your values are.


Q: Bender: What piece of advice do you have for the women in this room to empower them to bring their authentic selves to the workplace?

     A: Philbert: Bringing other women along with you will not hold you back. We should tell and encourage others and give them the space for opportunity and exposure. Part of my job is to be a cheerleader and have the courage to cheer for others and create a space for other women. Have fun and find joy in your work and your life.

     A: Lowry: Don't give up and have forward momentum. Challenge yourself. Challenge everyone to do something scary. Do it to make sure you're alive. Those experiences are what makes life worth living. It is your experiences that make you who you are.

     A: King: You are necessary in your purpose in life. We have so many visions and purposes so it is important to stay true to yourself.

     A: Murphy: Be curious and think about what makes you feel powerful. Find that thing and embrace it. Figure out what gets you into your zone and use it to empower yourself to be authentically you.

Thanks to these wonderful women, we we able to hear about what it's like to be a woman in leadership. Looking to host your event at The Nook? Visit our website to see what makes our venue as unique as you are.

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