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Tis' The Season For Holiday Parties


It’s never too early to start planning your company or family holiday party! Jenna Martin, The Nook’s Sales Coordinator, enjoys planning holiday parties almost as much as she enjoys attending them. Martin says there are five significant factors in planning a successful holiday party:

Venue/Location: “You want to have a venue that is easily accessible for all of your guests and offers a variety of options,” Martin said. Picking a location that is in close proximity to all of your guests, as well as, a location that provides all-inclusive accommodations is key. Food, games, and on-site hotel accommodations can be ideal, especially for large groups with traveling guests. You also want to choose a venue that suits the amount of guests you think will attend. Whether your guest list is 20 or 1,000 people, the venue should meet the needs of that group.

Theme/Decor: Having a theme is important. Maybe you want to throw an “Ugly Sweater Party,” a “Masquerade Party,” or maybe you want to keep it simple and throw a party with no theme. Martin suggests, “Keeping a simple theme is sometimes best. Red & Gold is my favorite because it’s a classic color scheme.” It is also essential to choose décor and decorations that compliment your group’s formal or casual culture.

Activities: It is vital to offer a wide array of activities to your guests. Lively party games are best, especially around the holidays. Martin said, “We found themed games at The Nook work best. We have Snowball Fight, Candy Cane Climb, Dashing through the Bases, and Volley Jolly Christmas. Dashing through the Bases is my favorite game because it brings me back to my childhood days,” Martin said. Depending on the guest list, activities should be planned for the whole family, company, or group to enjoy.

Food/Drink: Whether you host your event at a banquet facility or a restaurant, food is always a necessary component. Offer plenty of delicious options between appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Martin said, “Cookies are a great dessert option because there is such a variety and everyone will find one that they like.” Be versatile, you don’t have to host a dinner. You can host a holiday-themed breakfast, lunch, dinner, or reception. It’s also good to choose the right type of bar set up, whether open, host, or cash bar.

Music: Last but not least, is the music selection. Martin recommends an upbeat and cheerful playlist. “Holiday music is the best. ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ seems to be a guest favorite.”

Furthermore, Martin said holiday parties are great because, “It’s a time to spend with your family, company, or group where you are just relaxing and spending time with one another; which doesn’t always happen. It’s also a time of happiness and a time to remember what brings everyone together.”

**If you are interested in hosting your holiday party at The Nook, please contact events@nooksports.com or 717-618-8580.**

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