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Nook Basketball Creates New Development Program


Our Nook Basketball Academy is gearing up for an exciting season! The academy, run by our Director Mark Seidenburg, has developed a brand new program offering for the 2016 season!

Along with the traditional academy, the basketball department has implemented a new developmental program in hopes of creating a year-round basketball program for youth players. “Often, AAU (spring basketball) focuses on a mission of catering to the better players in a given area with a strong focus on winning tournaments,” said Seidenburg. “At Spooky Nook, the Basketball Academy and our Development Program will prepare players for AAU basketball, school basketball, or just to fill their love of the game. We offer something for anyone who wants to be involved with spring basketball,” Seidenburg added.

The program will focus on three main strategies – fundamentals, mental sharpness, and physical training.

  1. Fundamentals: This is accomplished by having two one-hour per week on court training sessions featuring local college and high school coaches.
  2. Mental Sharpness/Basketball IQ: This is accomplished through our basketball university which is held on Thursday evenings in a classroom setting and is instructed by current and former college coaches.
  3. Physical Training: This is accomplished through a weekly training conducted by the professional strength and conditioning coaches at the Nook Sports Performance Center.

“We believe that players participating in our program will gain total player development,” Seidenburg said.

Seidenburg is not only excited for this spring season, but is also looking forward to the warm weather and summer programming! This year, Nook Basketball will offer clinics and summer camps run by elite athletes. Lamar Patterson, from the Atlanta Hawks, will be running an All-Boys Basketball Camp on June 27, 28, 29, and 30.

For more information about Nook Basketball programming, click here.

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