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Is Climbing a Good Workout?


If you like healthy workouts that stimulate both your mind and body, rock climbing may be for you. Rock climbing is one of the best full-body workouts for reducing stress and improving flexibility. Plus, it works a variety of muscles, including lats, quads, delts, calves, abs, obliques, traps and biceps.

Top Eight Benefits of Rock Climbing

Rock climbing has grown in recent years as an exercise routine. In fact, the sport will make its debut at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.  

When practiced regularly, climbing can offer numerous benefits:

  1. Boosts brain function: Rock climbing involves a significant amount of body awareness and problem-solving that can improve brain function over time. 
  2. Reduces stress: Climbing requires you to be present and make moment-to-moment decisions. This is an excellent way to reduce stress and increase mental strength. 
  3. It can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors: One of the major benefits of climbing is that it can be enjoyed both indoors or outdoors, making it a great year-round exercise option.
  4. Burns a significant amount of calories: Rock climbing helps you burn almost as many calories as intense cardio workouts. You can burn anywhere from 500 to 900 calories per hour while boosting your aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels. Check out our blog post for tips on how to best train for the physical demands of rock climbing. 
  5. Encourages kids of all ages to be active: Whether you're a novice or expert climber, rock climbing is an excellent outlet to boost your physical and mental health. At Spooky Nook Sports, our indoor climbing facility is perfect for climbers of any age or ability. 
  6. Helps you meet other people: Rock climbing can significantly improve your social life by encouraging you to get out there and interact with new people, who all value healthy, challenging outlets as much as you do.
  7. Boosts your range of motion and flexibility: One major health benefit of rock climbing is improved flexibility. As a climber, you continually have to move in all three planes of motion — transverse, frontal and sagittal. 
  8. Gives you a total body workout: Climbing works both your upper and lower body muscles. While the muscles in your back and arms help pull you up, the muscles of your core, calves, and quads help stabilize your body during a climb. Rock climbing combines both strength building and cardio in one workout.

Climb Your Way to the Top at Spooky Nook Sports

If you want to burn calories while building mental and physical strength, try your hand at rock climbing. At Spooky Nook Sports, our indoor climbing facility features 30-foot walls for beginners and seasoned climbers alike.

You don't have to be a member to climb in the gym or access our 21 top ropes extensive lead climbing terrain, 150-foot boulder, equipment rentals and more.

Contact Spooky Nook Sports for more information about our indoor rock climbing facility or complete our digital waiver to sign up today! 

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