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Healthy Living Tips from The Nook Fitness Team


When it comes to healthy lifestyle tips, who better to turn to than the professionals? The Spooky Nook Sports Fitness staff has some great insight on ways to improve your mental and physical health. Check out some of their tips below.

Find your Fitness Personality

The key to defining your fitness personality is to find out what you enjoy, so that a daily routine will be easy to maintain. Spooky Nook Sports Group Exercise Coordinator, Tammy Peifer, stated “You do not need to have a complicated exercise routine to see results. Find two or three workouts you enjoy and stick with it! You will see changes when you’re making a constant effort to better your health."

Find things that motivate you to live a healthy life. Something that motivates many individuals is working out in a group setting. Spooky Nook Sports Director of Fitness Operations, Alyssa Stefanadis, believes that “Working out with friends or participating in group fitness classes will help you keep yourself accountable. Once you see results, keeping up with your healthy lifestyle will become easy.”

Set goals

We all have goals, whether they are big or small. The best way to achieve these various goals would be to make them measurable. A method to help keep you on track with your goals is to keep a fitness journal. By keeping a fitness journal, you’ll be able to keep yourself accountable while trying to reach both your long- and short-term goals.

Check out some of the best fitness journal practices below:

  • Note your starting health statistics, such as, weight, body mass index, etc.
  • Define your fitness goals and list them in your journal.
  • Plan out how you want to achieve your goals.
  • Add an exercise diary to your journal.

To learn more, visit How to Keep a Fitness Journal.

Make time for your Mental and Physical Health

Your emotional health matters just as much as your physical health. Spooky Nook Sports Director of Athletic Operations, Staci Chamberlain, believes that “Healthy living starts with being mentally healthy. Going to yoga regularly, meditating and staying mindful of my thoughts and feelings are tools I regularly use to maintain a healthy lifestyle.” By working on your mental health, you'll also be more likely to reach your goals. According to Northwestern Medicine, “a good emotional health is associated with higher productivity, better performance, and more consistent work attendance.”


A few additional tips to improve your mental health are:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Connect with friends and family
  • Practice gratitude daily

Improve your Diet with Clean Eating

A method to improve your health would be to try clean eating. For first timers, a few tips Spooky Nook Sports Director of Athletic Operations, Thomas Baughman has are to “Stay away from processed foods, limit your fat and sugar intake, don’t drink your calories, read all nutrition labels, cook your meals, and give your body the fuel it needs by eating well balanced meals.”

If you chose to try clean eating, use the 80/20 rule. Eat healthy 80% of the time, while 20% of the time allow yourself to indulge occasionally. Spooky Nook Sports Personal Training Coordinator, Chris Hiester believes “Far too often we set unrealistic goals regarding our eating habits, which leads us to being overwhelmed and quickly falling out of routine.” Eating clean is a new lifestyle, not an overnight fad. So ease into it, and overtime, it will feel second nature to eat clean.

If you are interested in putting a few of these tips into action, stop by Spooky Nook Sports Fitness Center. The Fitness Center offers over 80,000 square feet of workout space that included LifeFitness equipment, Jacobs ladders, free weights, boxing rig, group exercise classessenior exercise programs, pickle ball courts, 200 meter indoor track, child watch, member-exclusive turf field, ninja warrior training area and a free fitness orientation.

Once your visit our location, see our many amenities, learn about the benefits of being a member and experience our welcoming atmosphere, you’ll see that your search for a fitness center in Lancaster, PA is complete.

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