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How To Get More Out Of Your Yoga Class


Are you looking to get more out of your yoga class? Deb Nehlig, the newest member of the Spooky Nook Group Exercise Team, explains eight ways on how to do so!

Arrive to class early. Some classes are crowded and the best way to start a yoga class is not being stressed about where to slide your mat.

Find a teacher that is also a student. Someone that is in the active learning mode himself or herself can be a real inspiration.

Don’t be hesitant to ask questions after class. Your teacher loves to teach. Having a student interested in something they said or did in class will make their day.

Be patient. Regardless of what stage in life you’re starting, there are muscle patterns and uniqueness’s to your body that are there. Put aside the picture on the cover of a yoga magazine. This is not what yoga may look like now or ever for most of us.

Don’t give up yoga, try another teacher.  Studios, gyms, rec centers all have multiple teachers. You will gel with some and not others.  Do not judge all yoga by one teacher. Even if it’s your friends’ favorite it may not be yours. All types of training and teachers make the field of yoga experiences very rich. Find your niche.

Be flexible. Things come up and last minute subs can happen. If it happens all the time, look for a new time slot or studio. But sometimes having a sub will force you to have a teacher you may have overlooked.  Learning to ride the waves of change is a practice that you can carry out of the studio and into your life.

Stay on your mat. It is hard not to notice how the teacher or the practiced yogi or yogini next to you may look in a particular pose.  Be kind to yourself and others with your thoughts. While a mirror can be helpful sometimes they can also take your awareness more external. If your studio has some mirrors, position yourself where watching yourself or others does not distract you.

Take care of yourself first. The class may be good for the majority of the students on any given day. But how you feel and your particular needs in class are always changing. Use the beginning of class to check in with yourself.  If you can tune in and notice you will be more likely to keep yourself safe. Nothing should ever hurt. Pain is an indication that there needs to be a modification or different option. Notice your breathing. It will indicate if you are doing too much. Stop and back off and talk to your teacher after class for advice.

To view our group exercise schedule and other class offerings, please visit: http://www.spookynooksports.com/fitness/group-exercise

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