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Bubble ball

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Bubble ball games provide plenty of exercise and even more opportunities for hearty laughs. Even if you don’t play physical games often, you’ve probably heard of bubble ball or watched hilarious videos of bubble ball contests on the internet.

Bubble Ball Gear

One of the things that makes bubble ball appealing to kids of all ages is the gear that’s involved - big plastic balls that resemble bubbles. Because the torsos of bubble ball players are well insulated by bubble ball gear, competitors often bump into each other playfully during games without worrying about serious injuries.

Bubble Ball Games

There are many variants of bubble ball. You may play sumo smash or royal rumble, for instance. To win either of those bubble ball games, you must knock your opponents out of the designated ring.

As an alternative to those fun games, members of bubble ball players may engage in zombie ball instead. This game is the bubble ball equivalent of the childhood game red rover. Players try to get from one side of the playing field to the other without being infected by the zombies in the middle of the court. Players who are infected become zombies who then try to infect the remaining players as they attempt to get across the field. The game ends when only one non-zombie player remains.

Here are some additional bubble ball games that are played frequently:

  • Bubble ball soccer
  • Bubble ball kickball
  • Bubble ball, the official game created by the BBA for intermediate players

Bubble Ball at Spooky Nook Sports

If you want to play bubble ball league near Hershey, Harrisburg, or Lancaster, contact Spooky Nook Sports to learn about our sports programs for members of all ages. While bubble ball may look funny — and for good reason — it’s still a great way to get exercise and let your hair down.

If you have children, give us a call to learn more about our bubble ball birthday parties. You can book a bubble ball birthday bash for up to 14 kids and watch them play games and bump into each other as they wear their bubble ball suits. When you book a bubble ball birthday party at our world-class facility, the only question is who’ll have more fun, you or the kids.

To learn more about our bubble ball for team building, private rentals, field trips, or bubble ball birthday parties, give us a call, contact us online or stop by Spooky Nook Sports in Manheim,PA today.

Player Tips

Player Tips

For your rental, a game facilitator will act as a referee and show you the proper way to put the bubbles on, explain the rules, and keep your group bumping and moving throughout the rental. 

Players should wear sneakers and comfortable clothing. Some players prefer to cover their knees to protect themselves for when they get bumped over during play. Prior to getting into the bubble, players are required to take off jewelry and empty their pockets to protect themselves and the bubbles. Please plan to bring a personal water bottle for the sidelines to stay hydrated throughout the games! Bubble Ball is sure to be a great workout, and even more fun!

Small Group Package

Small Group Package


Rental includes up to 8 bubbles, a reserved playing surface, and a game facilitator for up to one hour.

Large Group Package

Large Group Package


Rental includes up to 16 bubbles, a reserved playing surface, and a game facilitator for up to one hour. 

Rental Information

Rental Information

All Bubble Ball rentals are normally booked a minimum of 2 weeks in advance , and spots fill up very quickly. Bubble Ball is a great physical workout, therefore we suggest having enough bubbles to fill about 2/3rds of your group. This allows enough bubbles for substitutions and rotations of players. 

Bubble Ball Questions