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A person’s diet cannot be overlooked when it comes to improving health or becoming a better athlete. Nutrition is an important part of the science of Sports Performance.

Spooky Nook Sports Performance has teamed up with Dr. Stephen Chavez, Phd, RDN, LDN, CPT to offer nutrition programs.

About Dr. Stephen Chavez, Phd, RDN, LDN, CPT

Dr. Chavez is a sports nutritionist, pediatric clinical dietitian, and certified personal trainer. He has a focus in sports nutrition with endurance and weightlifting athletes. As a clinical dietitian, Dr. Chavez has worked with muscle-wasting disorders, eating disorders, food allergies, celiac disease, obesity, failure-to-thrive, and many other nutrition related disorders. He has been working with obesity and taking an all-inclusive approach to weight management. Many of his patients and clients are looking for weight loss, increased lean muscle, and improved sports performance. Dr. Stephen Chavez earned a PhD co-majoring in Nutrition and Animal Science from the North Carolina State University, M.S. in Animal and Nutritional Sciences from West Virginia University, and B.S. in Animal Bioscience from the Pennsylvania State University. He completed his dietetic workshop through Iowa State University. In his spare time, Dr. Chavez enjoys any outdoor activities and sports. He is currently training for his next 10-miler after completing a half marathon and several outdoor adventure races in the past several years. 

One-on-one and Group Seminars available.

Contact Thomas Baughman for more information.

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