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Nook Academy & Team Training

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Spooky Nook Academy Team Training
We train all of our academy athletes while they are in season at The Nook. In-season training is an included benefit of being a part of a Spooky Nook Sports Academy Team. During the off season, we offer our Academy Athletes a Sports Performance Membership at preferred monthly rates for continued training and development.

Unaffiliated Team & Group Training
Play as a team and train as a team. Improve your school, club,  AAU, or recreational team’s physical condition while also working on their communication and camaraderie. Sports Performance for teams will target each teammate to improve their physical abilities and work to prevent injury.

    • Individual Small & Large Group Training
    • Team Training
    • Mixed Group Training


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Academy In-Season Training

Academy In-Season Training

Academy In-Season Training is mandatory for all academy athletes.

What can I expect?
Every athlete will perform a Pre and Post Season Evaluation to measure improvement. Athletes will be tested on the following: vertical jump, broad jump, pro agility, 40-yard sprint, push-up, pull-up/flexed arm hang, and sit up.

During training sessions, teams 14U and younger will cover speed, agility, conditioning, and strength training twice per week.

Teams 15U and older will cover speed, agility, and conditioning once per week and sport-specific strength training in the Sports Performance Center once per week.