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2021-2022 Nook Hockey Club Information (WINTER SEASON)


Nook Hockey Mission

Our mission is to provide a quality environment and coaching for hockey athletes to develop, train and compete at their fullest potential.


What is Nook Hockey?

Nook Hockey has its home base and practice facilities within the Spooky Nook Sports complex. Our club has multiple teams at the U10, U12, U14, U16 and U19 age groups, competing all year. In the winter we offer our academy club program which includes indoor hockey practices, tournaments, outdoor turf league games(in the dome) and sports performance training. We have constructed an outstanding coaching staff with years of experience coaching and playing the game. Our goal is to offer a competitive, learning environment that promotes athletes to be better hockey players and teammates.


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Coaching Staff

Paige Stuppy – Director
Kathi Weidman – Manager
Janelle Benner – Curriculum Director

Additional coaching staff bios coming soon!


Indoor Academy Tryout Dates

All tryouts will take place on the back 5 blue sport courts in the field house. Athletes are required to attend at least one tryout but can attend multiple if they would like.
Thursday, July 29th 6-7:30PM
Sunday, September 26th 4:30-6PM
Sunday, October 17th 4:30-6PM

Age Group Guidelines - For Events in 2022 (2021-22 Academy Season)

Your age for the entire calendar year of 2022 is determined by how old you are on or before December 31, 2021. Find your birth year and identify it with the corresponding age division you are eligible for. If a qualifier event for 2022 takes place in 2021 you must play in the age division that corresponds with your age on or before December 31, 2021.

U-10 | 2012-2013

U-12 | 2010-2011

U-14 | 2008-2009

U-16 | 2006-2007

U-19 | 2003-2005

USA Field Hockey Membership

Our club participates in USA sanctioned events such as National Indoor Tournament Qualifiers, the National Indoor Tournament, Regional Club Championship, National Club Championship, Disney Showcase and Festival. All club members need to purchase a USA Field Hockey Membership, which can be done so here.


Team Placement Selection Process

U14/U16/U19 - After a tryout, athletes will be grouped into one of three groups, green, white, or black within their respective age group. Athletes will be notified of their group via email after tryouts. This group will become their practice group on the practice schedule.

During the first 3 weeks of practice, athletes will practice with their respective groups. Teams will be formed within the groups for tournament play on each group’s respective tournament dates. Group placement is never final and can be changed based on athlete’s performance and under the discretion of the coaching staff.

After the conclusion of the 2nd tournament, the coaching staff will finalize teams in preparation for Qualifiers for the U16 and U19 age groups. The U14 age groups do not have qualifiers, however teams will still be finalized to begin tournament and National Indoor Tournament preparation. Athletes will be notified via email who their coach will be for the remainder of the season. Please note, team placement is not final and can be changed based on athlete’s performance and under the discretion of the coaching staff.

U10/U12 – Athletes will attend practice with their respective age groups and will continue team placement evaluation into early December. Athletes will be notified via email with their team placement by their coach.


Team Placement Philosophy

We will be taking more time to evaluate our players during practices and tournaments. We believe this approach will allow our coaches more opportunities to coach all our athletes, allowing our players to learn more! Our approach will also garner a healthy competitive environment, allowing athletes to reach their full athletic potential as they will be showing up for each practice ready to compete and improve their play!

Tryouts are open to everyone interested in playing for a Nook Hockey Academy team at the official Home of Hockey.  Although a player’s skills are considered, each athlete that participates in tryouts has the same opportunity to be selected for any of our teams. Coaches will be looking for players that are dedicated and willing to put in maximum effort on and off the field. Team selection is based on a number of skills including the athlete’s speed, stick work, vision, accuracy of passing, and movement off the ball, footwork and defensive positioning.  Work ethic, leadership, coachability, and attitude also play a role in selection.  Every effort will be made to place each athlete on the most appropriate team.


Turf League

U14/U16/U19 Turf League takes place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings in our Dome facility. Athletes from the academy will be split into teams made from their practice groups and assigned a coach for turf league. The majority of turf league games for the academy will be played on Thursday evenings with games starting at 5, 6, 7, or 8pm. Schedules for the league will be sent out during the first or second week of the academy season. Teams will have 16 games throughout the winter season.

Athletes are strongly encouraged to attend all turf league games. If they are unable to make their schedule turf league game they will need to email their assigned coach and let them know. Our time on the turf playing outdoor hockey is just as important as our indoor practice. Turf League allows our athletes to play both indoor and outdoor all winter long.


Sports Performance

U14/U16/U19 Nook Hockey Athletes will have 1 Sports Performance Training Session per week. Our sports performance training includes speed work, agilities, circuit training and stretching. Sports Performance training sessions are included in the academy pricing and led by our Director of Sports Performance, Jeff Moore and his training staff. Sports Performance will take place in our RX Training facility, the Sports Performance training area and on turf or sport courts. Athletes are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the Sports Performance sessions. These sessions will prepare athletes for college level training.



Fundraising Opportunities

Fundraising opportunities are available for academy athletes every month of the year! Please visit our fundraising page or email us for more information.



Academy contracts will be sent out after your Tryout and will be due back at the date listed in the email from the director. All athletes must have a signed contract to participate in the academy.



Field Player Uniform - $125
Uniform Kit includes: 1 Black Jersey, 1 White Jersey, Kilt, Black and White Socks

Goalkeeper Uniform - $80
2 Jerseys(differing colors)

Please Note: Uniform costs are not included in the academy tuition. Uniform order slips will be sent out with your academy contract email and due back to the director by the date listed in the email.


National Indoor Tournament

As a club we do our best to enter all U10/U12/U14 into the National Indoor Tournament and to enter all U16 and U19 teams into a National Indoor Tournament Qualifier. However, this is not always possible.

National Indoor Tournaments take place in February for all Age groups. NITs are an additional cost of $130 if your team attends the tournament.


After Winter Academy

We offer year-round hockey opportunities in the winter, spring, summer and fall! After our winter season we will be continuing our practices into the spring and summer months to prepare for 7v7 and 11v11 tournament play and additional recruiting tournaments such as Shooting Star Easter and Limelight! During the fall season when Junior High and High School seasons are in session, we continue our U10 and U12 outdoor practices. Our coaching staff also provides lessons year-round.