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#TrainerTipTuesday: How Often Should You Work Out Your Abs?


By: David Kennedy, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Abs/ Core should be part of every workout, but remember, balance is key! If you only focus on your abdominal muscles and neglect you lower back, muscular imbalances will develop which could lead to injury. Simple exercises such as Planks or Lying Glute Bridge do a great job of strengthening both muscle groups. Even if you are not isolating your abdominals or lower back every day, I would encourage everyone to perform exercises that require you to activate your core stabilizers. This includes exercises such a Kettle Bell Front Squat or Farmers Walk.

Another important key element of your workout to remember is to perform rotational core exercises. These will help to strengthen your transverse and rectus abdominus muscle groups and your obliques. The strengthening of these muscles will help to support your lower back during twisting and bending movements that often lead to lower back injuries.

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