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Green Practices at Spooky Nook Sports

At Spooky Nook Sports, we are deeply committed to our environmental responsibility. Since the opening of our complex, we have made conscious efforts to embed green practices into the very foundation of our organization. As we continue to plan for the future of our company, we strive to make these initiatives an important topic of conversation.

Some of our current practices include:

Rain water recycling

Outside at The Nook, we have two water-base turf fields: one on the outdoor field hockey pitch, and another in the climate controlled dome. This surface is what is used throughout international and Olympic hockey, but also requires an integrated irrigation system. To make this process as economically-friendly as possible, we came up with a process to use recycled water to run this system.

We collect rain water from 25% of the Nook’s roof, which is then stored in a 300,000 gallon tank. This tank provides the water that then runs through our irrigation system, pumping through 250 gallons per minute. Water conservation is important for future generations, protect our natural eco-system, saves energy, and more.

More recycling

Water isn’t the only thing we recycle here! Lightbulbs and batteries are not biodegradable, so The Nook takes extra care to ensure that these items are recycled properly.

Between Spooky Nook Sports, The Warehouse Hotel and the Forklift & Palate Restaurant, we recycled close to 49,000lbs. (over 24 tons) of cardboard in 2017! These entities together also recycled approximately 1,684 tons of cans, bottles, and glass last year, according to Republic Services.

We also recycle air. At The Nook, we have 5 energy efficient air rotation units that saves energy by recycling the existing air.


On site, we have 48 underground geothermal wells. Geothermal energy systems rely on the earth’s natural energy by circulating water from a heat pump inside the building through piping to the bottom of the wells. These systems produce virtually no greenhouse gases reducing the facility’s carbon footprint that can affect our climate and wildlife.

LED Lights

All lights in Forklift & Palate Restaurant and the Warehouse Hotel are LED. These use, on average, about 40% less electricity than fluorescents.

Turf vs. Grass

Turf fields are more economically-friendly than grass because of how they’re maintained. Things like grass clippings and gas for mowers can, over time, have a negative impact on the environment. As we continue to grow and develop, our team is looking into property-wide landscaping options that will allow us to further reduce that impact.

TMS System

All of the 135 guest rooms in the Warehouse Hotel have key-activated lights and heating/cooling. When guests leave their room and remove their key from the system, the lights and air instantly turn off saving energy.

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