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4 Reasons to Join an Adult Rec League


Why Join an Adult Rec League?

My high school years are long gone, but I remember the time when I practiced and played a lot of volleyball. Practices kept me in shape and I enjoyed the competition and the effort to constantly improve my game. College came and went as well, and I was too busy to pursue my sport.

Now I'm a member of the work force, committed to a career and investing less time in hobbies than ever before. As adults with the freedom to invest in our passions, we ironically tend to leave them by the wayside.

This winter I felt the itch to play the sport I love, and because I was feeling the need to have some fun in the dead of winter, I joined an adult rec volleyball league with some friends. With rusty skills we braved the court again, and played fairly well - most nights!

My point is that joining a rec league may be just the dose of stress-free fun you need for a number of reasons.

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1. Invest in yourself - Start playing the sport you love again. There is no reason why adults, as long as they are healthy, should ever stop playing their sport. Investing time in something you love reignites a passion for life and creates something to look forward to amidst daily stress.

2. Meet new people - Sometimes joining a rec league as a "free agent" is the best way to make new friends. You share a passion with your teammates and will easily get to know them through teamwork and communication on the court or field.

3. Mix up your workout - Maybe you are tired of going to the gym or running the same route every day. Skip the gym one night a week to play in a league. You won't know you are getting exercise and you will feel refreshed for your next regular workout.

4. Learn something new - If you want to learn a new sport, a rec league is a great place to try it out. Many rec leagues have different divisions for different skill levels, so you do not need to be intimidated by the competition.

Recreational leagues are easy to join, and fees are very affordable especially when split between team members. This summer Spooky Nook is offering leagues in the following sports: dodge ball, ultimate frisbee, flag football, basketball, collegiate field hockey, women's lacrosse, soccer, hard-court volleyball, and sand volleyball.


6 Reasons To Join An Adult Rec League

Adult rec leagues are popping up all over the place. Here are a few reasons why you should try one...

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