The Rulebook

Team Selection

Email/Phone Notification- An email/phone notification will be sent to the parent(s) regarding the results of tryouts following the last day of the specific age group tryout. Acceptance or Decline- Offers may be made to any player during the first day of tryouts, they must remain open for 4 (four) days. Once a junior player has accepted an offer from a club, they will remain committed to that club and may not withdraw their acceptance to that club for any reason. If an offer is not accepted within the four day period Spooky Nook Volleyball has the right to offer that spot to another player.

Playing Time

Our experience has shown that the concept of ‘fair’ playing time has a different meaning for coaches, parents, and athletes. There is no “equal” play rule. You pay for practice time not for playing time. We also recognize that disparate views on what constitutes ‘fair’ playing time are the most common source of athlete and/or parent frustration in youth sports. At the Nook, the playing time philosophy employed by our coaching staff will depend on the age of the team and the competitive level. As such, the Nook has not adopted a club-wide playing time philosophy. The positional nature of volleyball combined with the complexity posed by attempting to balance the dual interests of distributing playing time fairly on the individual level and achieving the goals and objective of the team as a whole requires understanding that ‘fair’ playing time does not necessarily mean ‘equal’ playing time.