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Holiday Hours

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Sports Programs

Tournaments, leagues, camps, clinics, lessons and skills training are among the sports programs available for all our sports. The Nook is loaded with an endless list of activities to compliment your sports needs.

It’s not just Nook Sports’ world-class athletic facilities that create the ultimate sports destination; it’s our commitment to the total experience.


Nook Sports Programs offer participants:

  • Online access to your schedule and standings
  • Easy online registration and payment for programs and activities
  • Professional staff for unsurpassed instruction in all of our athletic programs
  • Experienced referees that promote a fair playing environment
  • Clean locker rooms and restrooms




Explore Our Sports


Spooky Nook offers many sports, tournaments, leagues, camps, clinics, and lessons.


The Nook offers intensive training in sessions lasting a half day or more.

Sports Tournaments

Fun and competitive, Nook Tournaments accommodate both open and recreational levels of play.

Sports Performance

Scientific training programs help athletes & individuals achieve their goals.


Nook academies let student athletes play, train and compete with top coaches.


The Nook’s challenging clinics help athletes sharpen skills in a range of sports and positions.

Recreation Leagues

Our rec leagues provide seasonal opportunities to play at a competitive level.