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Youth Football

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All athletes have some room for improvement — even the pros. No matter how long you've been playing football or a specific position, you can always benefit from training workouts and position-specific training. Spooky Nook can help you identify your goals and give you the training you need to exceed your goals on the field.

Spooky Nook works with Susquehanna Valley Sports to provide the best football training in the region.

Our programming features the extensive coaching experience of Director and Coach Jim Cantafio. Coach Cantafio and his staff hold all SVS and East Coast Elite Quarterback, Wide Receiver and football training sessions at The Nook. Whether you're looking for a private lesson or a summer camp, choose The Nook for the best football experience in central Pennsylvania.

Football Training Workouts You Need

The right sports performance training for football includes a mixture of weight training, endurance workouts and speed and agility drills. For weight training, we can help you identify the right exercises and show you how to max out on one set of eight or more reps to achieve more with less work.

As for endurance, every football player knows the games are long. If you're dragging by the fourth quarter, you need to work on maximizing your endurance to give you an advantage when it's crunch time. We'll help you practice at game-speed and put in the work at our football training facility, so when overtime hits, you'll be ready.

Position-Specific Training

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Every position on the football field focuses on different areas. A quarterback needs a strong arm, as well as leadership skills and mobility, while a wide receiver should be fast, agile, flexible and have excellent hand-eye coordination to catch difficult passes. At Spooky Nook, we recognize the differences within these positions, and we tailor our football training workouts to the position to give you the best training for what you do.



If you're a wide receiver or defensive back, come to The Nook to learn from former NFL Wide Receiver Darryl Daniel and Performance Coach Rich Garcia. They'll help you with:

  • Basic drills
  • Route running
  • Reading coverage
  • Blocking drills

Football Training Facility

Spooky Nook Sports Performance offers premier facilities for football training. Training takes place in the Sports Performance Center, which offers an indoor turf area, a 60-yard indoor track, Functional Movement Screening (FMS), Olympic Weight Lifting, Vertimax, Kettle bells, TRX, and much more. Learn more about Sports Performance.

You shouldn't trust your football training to just anyone. It's important to find a professional you trust who can provide position-specific training that will make you a better player. You can trust the staff at Spooky Nook Sports to give you the best training at our state-of-the-art facility, whether you've been a quarterback for years or you're just starting a new position.

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If you're ready to take your skills to the next level, don't wait to come to The Nook for sports performance training for football. Contact us today to learn more


Private Lessons

Private one-on-one sessions are now available with Coach Cantafio or a member of the SVS Staff. Call Coach Cantafio to schedule at 717-468-7185.

Fee: $80 per hour


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