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How to Choose The Right Keynote Speaker For Your Event

When you’re planning an important event, it’s important to know how to find a keynote speaker. Make sure you start keynote speaker preparation and inquiries at least 6 to 12 months ahead.

Benefits of Attending Business Conferences - Reasons To Attend

Technology has increased the number of avenues we have to learn. But none of them can really take the place of a live conference. The benefits of attending a work conference or networking event are enormous.

Smart Tips For Holding A Successful Teleconference Meeting

Teleconferences are an efficient way to hold a meeting. Asking attendees to dial in via video reduces commute times and travel expenses, making it possible for far-away team members to easily attend. Even if some of...

Spooky Nook's Involvement with MPI Middle PA Chapter

One of Spooky Nook’s goals since its opening in 2013, has been to constantly create new professional relationships with companies across Pennsylvania. Growth within Spooky Nook was made possible because of the...

Spooky Nook's Olympic Hall Flooring Gets A Makeover

Spooky Nooks Olympic Hall’s simple concrete floors have been transformed into a more stylish and sleek flooring design. We have revamped the hall to make it more unique for our guests to use and enjoy.

How Eliminating Fewer Distractions Create More Effective Meetings

Learning how to create more effective meetings is a skill worth acquiring. Whenever you lead a business event where you need to get things done, you can increase productivity by implementing the following tips:

6 Of Our Favorite Fundraising Ideas - Successful Fundraisers

Generating the perfect idea for a fundraiser will result in exciting supporters to attend. With the main goal to generate donations, consider one of the below ideas which have proven to historically work.

Everything To Pack for A Business Trip - Everything You Must Do

Whether this is your first business trip or you're looking for the must-have items to pack, we've got you covered.

What Are Business Expenses? | Examples Of Business Expenses

The IRS explains that in order to be deductible, a business expense must be ordinary and necessary for running a business or trade. Here are some general guidelines about what business taxes are as well as some of...

How Long Should A Meeting Last? | Effective Meeting Guidelines

You have an important meeting for your employees, but you need to keep them engaged and alert. Put yourself in your employee's shoes. In the back of their minds, they know the longer this meeting goes, the less time...