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How to Choose The Right Keynote Speaker For Your Event

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by Nook Meetings & Events on July 26, 2019

When you’re planning an important event, it’s important to know how to find a keynote speaker. Make sure you start keynote speaker preparation and inquiries at least 6 to 12 months ahead.

business meeting

This will allow you to secure the speaker's commitment in advance, especially if he/she is in high demand as a conference speaker.

What to Do Before You Start Searching for Your Keynote Speaker

Prior to searching for your keynote speaker, you need to work out:

  • The time and venue for the meeting and other logistical concerns
  • The audience persona
  • Clear goals and objectives for the meeting
  • Expectations of your speaker (including the budget for speaker fees)

It's only after you've done this that the search for the keynote speaker should begin.

When you choose someone to speak to your audience, be mindful that you’re giving your audience's trust in you to the speaker. In order to avoid eroding that trust, here are some questions to consider.

1. Is the Speaker Offering Something Unique?

Some speakers are great, but they repeat the same speech to many audiences without alteration. Ask your prospective speakers what they plan to share with your audience, so they can keep them engaged.

2. Will They Stick Around to Answer Questions From Your Audience?

After a successful keynote speaker presentation, exceptional speakers make the effort to connect with their audience even after they complete the keynote address. So, ask the speaker in advance if they’ll be willing to hang around and answer questions.

3. Will They Help You Promote Their Speaking Engagement?

If you’re paying a substantial amount for the speaker, please ask whether they’ll help you spread the news to their network. Don't simply rely on the fame of the speaker. You need to be sure that you’ll be able to recover the cost of booking the speaker through ticket sales. So, ask the speaker to help you publicize the event as well.

4. Do They Have Authentic Experiences to Share?

Very few things inspire audiences like personal stories that reveal how the speaker overcame the challenge they’re now having. So, check that the speaker can share their stories about how they translated failure to success.

5. Are They Reliable?

Check the speaker’s track record and reviews before you book them for an event. Ensure that once they commit to speaking at your event that they won’t cancel the contract or agreement a few days or hours before the event. Reliable speakers will be present when they say they will.

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