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Everything To Pack for A Business Trip - Everything You Must Do

by Nook Meetings & Events on June 21, 2019

Whether this is your first business trip or you're looking for the must-have items to pack, we've got you covered.

Only Bring a Carry-On Bag

Avoid checking your bag when flying. Doing so will save a lot of time in the long run. If you only bring a carry-on bag, you won't have to wait in line to get your bag tagged. No more waiting around the luggage belt for your bag to arrive in the shuffle of hundreds of other bags that all look alike. Most importantly, you won't have to deal with the possibility of lost luggage.

Men: Pack One or Two Suits

Suits take up a lot of space, so consider wearing one suit on the plane with a dress shirt, as you can always iron or dry clean later in the week at the hotel. Learn how to pack a suit with limited baggage space while avoiding awful wrinkles.

Double Check the Essentials

Always double if not triple check that you've packed prescriptions, extra pairs of contacts, eyeglasses and other absolute necessities that are difficult to replace at the last minute. If you forget something like a toothbrush, you can likely get one from the hotel's front desk or a nearby drugstore.

Pay for Hotel Laundry Service

Consider paying for the hotel's laundry service so that you can pack fewer clothes and still look sharp. Plan your outfits a week in advance so you know which clothes to pack before you leave and have them ready to go.

Keep Backup IDs Available

If you're traveling by plane, always have scanned backup copies of IDs, passports and credit cards. Download apps that allow you to digitally store this information, including boarding passes. This strategy will relieve stress if any of your important items are lost or stolen and make the return flight more smooth — especially when you go through security.

Plan Ahead for Flights and Hotels

Don't book your flights or hotels at the last minute, as both increase in price as the departure day gets closer. The longer you wait, there will be limited rooms and seats remaining, or they might be completely booked and you will have to be added to a stand-by list. If you frequently travel by air, sign up for a credit card that offers reward miles for additional benefits.

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