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Smart Tips For Holding A Successful Teleconference Meeting

by Nook Meetings & Events on July 12, 2019

Teleconferences are an efficient way to hold a meeting. Asking attendees to dial in via video reduces commute times and travel expenses, making it possible for far-away team members to easily attend. Even if some of your workers live across the country, are traveling around the world, or you are planning on holding an international meeting. Today’s software and devices have accessibility features that allow almost anyone to attend video meetings.

Leading an effective teleconference is relatively simple when you follow these tips:

1. Get Attendees Ready Ahead of Time

Create and share an agenda so everyone can prepare, and be sure to send links to the teleconference as well as any documents your team should review. Set yourself up for success by ensuring everyone is on the same page and has everything they need to contribute.

2. Make Roles Clear

Should your team members contribute via chat or speaking? Should they listen only? If there are questions, should attendees wait until the end of the meeting to ask them? Clarify expectations before the meeting starts to ensure the event goes according to plan.

3. Start Early

Just in case there are technical issues to be resolved, ask everyone to sign in a few minutes before you need to start.

4. Reduce Noise

In a teleconference, the background noise of traffic, a café or a dog barking can quickly distract everyone. Ask attendees to find a quiet spot for the meeting. If some of your team members are present while others are dialing in, make sure everyone can hear each other clearly.

5. Share the Recording

One of the best ways to run a teleconference meeting is to use all the tools available with technology. With video, you can record the meeting and use the link to share with absentee workers or as a training tool.

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