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6 Of Our Favorite Fundraising Ideas - Successful Fundraisers

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Generating the perfect idea for a fundraiser will result in exciting supporters to attend. With the main goal to generate donations, consider one of the below ideas which have proven to historically work.

1. Galas

A gala is an elegant black tie or white tie event that includes dinner, dancing, and entertainment. Usually, a gala has a specific theme and includes a ticket raffle or silent auction. These events, along with gala attendance tickets, can bring in money for your fundraiser. The photo opportunities and the elegant meal can draw many attendees.

2. Battle of The Bands

Have bands compete with each other for donations, which come in from ticket sales and band entry registrations. The band with the most donations may be declared a winner, or you can host a sing-off, asking the audience to vote for their favorite with cheers.

People love music, which makes band battles great fun and a successful fundraising idea. Merchandise sales at the event can also help bring in even more money for your cause.

3. Celebrity Basketball

Ask local celebrities or athletes to take part in a basketball event. Admission tickets can help you raise money, and you can raffle off or sell special perks, such as autographs, photos, game jerseys, or meet-and-greet sessions.

4. Sports Skills Clinic

Local celebrity athletes, as well as amateur and professional athletes, can host a skills clinic, with ticket sales contributing to your fund. This can be a wonderful way for athletes to give back.

5. Bingo Night

Bingo is a fun activity for all ages. Ask local companies to donate prizes and sell tickets to the event. Another option is to charge for every bingo card sold. This way, attendees can purchase as many cards as they'd like to get more chances to win.

6. Host an “A Thon”

A dance-a-thon, talk-a-thon, sing-a-thon, marathon or any other event that has participants taking part for 24 hours or as long as they can raise money. Marathons of all kinds are considered among the best ideas for a fundraiser because they are so flexible.

Money is raised by having participants ask for donations. The longer they can dance, sing or run in the “a-thon,” the more their contributors pay, and the more money they gather for your organization.

Are You Interested in Holding a Successful Fundraising Event?

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