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Booking a private event space lets you impress your guests no matter the occasion, but you have to know how to pick the right one. A venue that's too large will make it feel as if half of your attendees couldn't make it. A venue that's too small won't accommodate everyone on your guest list. You may also have other needs to consider for your gathering as you rent event space.

Our goal is to make your experience effortless and enjoyable so you can focus on the other details of your event. Our team will help you bring your vision to life — when the day arrives, you can be confident everything will go according to plan. When you work with us, we will prioritize your needs, enabling you to enjoy your event just as much as your guests. 

Below, we'll explain the different event venues available at Nook Meetings & Events to help you decide what space will work for you.

Nook Meetings & Events - Help Me Choose

Hosting an event takes time and planning. There are many different factors to consider, starting with the tone you want for the occasion. Choosing the right room, food and even the layout of the room is challenging. You’ll need some essential information to get started.



While you might not have a final headcount yet, you should have a general number of attendees in mind. Different types of rooms accommodate different numbers of people. For example, a convention center venue requires more space than private meeting rooms. One way to gather attendance numbers is to offer pre-registration with a discount for early birds. For an internal corporate gathering, you might send around a survey seeing how many people a proposed date works for.

Once you have a rough headcount and decide on the tone of your meeting, consider whether you need any unique features, such as presentation space. Note if you require extras like audio and visual aids, space for a dance floor or conference-style seating. Rent event space with Nook Meetings & Events for versatility that meets the needs of any occasion.

Nook Meetings & Events offers 700,000 square feet of private event space and 14 acres of flexible space to accommodate small to larger group gatherings, making it a versatile venue. With such a large space, your group can easily practice social distancing. Our large facilities let guests spread out and have a more comfortable time at your event. Combine that with our 29-foot tall ceilings, air rotation units and cleaning and safety protocols, and your guests will feel at ease attending your gathering. 

Our cancellation policy allows you to cancel meetings and corporate events up to seven days before the occasion through 2021. That will give you peace of mind for your guests and budget. We offer four general different types of rooms for any event that are fully customizable.

Find The Right Space By Seeing our Offerings Below!

Whether you're looking for a small event space for rent or a large room to accommodate hundreds of guests, we have rental options that will suit all your needs. We're experts at providing you with the tools you need to host any event. From banquets to business meetings, we have a wide array of rooms that will check off every box on your list. 

We also offer customization features for each of our room options. Whatever the nature of your event, you can tailor your room exactly how you want it. We offer rooms with audio and visual capabilities for presentations, socially distanced convention-style seating, dinner accommodations and more.

At Nook Meetings & Events, we'll go above and beyond to ensure our space accommodates everyone comfortably and makes your event a success. In addition to our size options, we make renting a room as easy as possible for a hassle-free experience. To take more stress off your event, we provide various cost-effective discounts. 

Whether you're booking a large room or a small event space, we offer a discounted, early-bird rate. If your plans change or you revise the number of guests attending your event, you can cancel your reserved space up to a week before.

Here's a closer look at the rooms we offer:

1. Business Meeting Rooms

Your first thought of a business meeting room is likely that it is for small groups. However, larger groups can also use this type of space. A business meeting room holds between three and 500 people. A food court and smoothie bar are also available for attendees to grab a quick bite to eat. The setting is formal and works well for classroom and workshop settings, as well as theatrical performances.

You'll likely have a presentation to give or host in one of our meeting rooms. We offer professional audio, visual and lighting equipment to give your event the perfect finishing touch.


2. Banquet Rooms

Do you need to host a formal dinner, such as an awards banquet? Banquet rooms have space for between 50 and 1,000 guests. Meals are catered, freeing you up to work on the speakers and table settings for maximum impact. The overall tone is formal and elegant, and we can transform our banquet halls to suit any theme you have for your event.


3. Flexible Meeting Spaces

If you need more flexibility than our other rooms provide, then our meeting space is ideal because you can adapt it to your event. Flexible meeting spaces hold between 400 and 5,000 guests and offer areas for a stage or dance floor and a buffet. This is the perfect venue for a wedding reception or any large gala. When you book our meeting space, we provide various catering options for your event. Collaborate with our executive chef and banquet staff to create the perfect menu for the occasion, whether you want to offer snacks, buffets or plated meals.


4. Business Meeting Spaces

Do you need a bit more space than a typical classroom? Business meeting spaces offer space for between 2,000 and 10,000 attendees. This is the perfect venue for conventions and allows you to provide trade show rental space for business owners. This space also offers quick access to the food court, smoothie bar and an on-site, sit-down restaurant. We can also provide separate meeting rooms to create space for breakout sessions, giving you everything you could require for your event.


Book With Nook Meetings & Events to Get the Perfect Space for Your Event

Selecting the right room for your gathering may seem overwhelming. With such variety from our meeting spaces in Lancaster County, you can easily choose the right space. The good news is that our different private event spaces and customizable features let you put together the perfect setting for your needs, whether it's a casual get-together or an elaborate celebration. If you're still uncertain about which room works best, consult with an on-site event services team member to iron out the details and get fresh ideas for room setup.

Contact us today to request more information or rent an event space. Give us the details of your event, and we'll help you pick just the right venue.


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