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What Space Do I Need?

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Hosting an event takes time and planning. There are many different factors to consider, starting with what type of tone you want for the event. Choosing the right room, food and even the layout of the room is challenging. You’ll need some essential information to get started.



While you might not have a final headcount yet, you should have a general number of attendees in mind. Different types of rooms accommodate different numbers of people. For example, a convention center venue requires more space than private meeting rooms. One way to gather attendance numbers is to offer pre-registration with a discount for early birds. 

Once you have a rough headcount and decided on the tone of your meeting, consider whether you need any unique features, such as presentation space. Nook Meetings & Events offers 700,000 square feet of event space, making it a versatile venue. We offer four general different types of rooms for any event that are fully customizable. See below!

Find The Right Space By Seeing our Offerings Below!

1. Business Meeting Rooms

Your first thought with a business meeting room is likely that it is for small groups. However, larger groups can also use this type of space. A business meeting room holds between three and 500 people. A food court and smoothie bar are also available for attendees to grab a quick bite to eat. The setting is formal and works well for classroom and workshop settings, as well as theatrical performances.


2. Banquet Rooms

Do you need to host a formal dinner, such as an awards banquet? Banquet rooms have space for between 50 and 1,000 guests. Meals are catered, freeing you up to work on the speakers and table settings for maximum impact. The overall tone is formal and elegant.


3. Flexible Meeting Spaces

If you need more flexibility than our other rooms provide, then our meeting space is the perfect option because you can adapt it to your needs. Flexible meeting spaces hold between 400 and 5,000 guests and offer areas for a stage or dance floor and a buffet. This is the perfect venue for a wedding reception or any large gala.


4. Business Meeting Spaces

Do you need a bit more space than a typical classroom? Business meeting spaces offer space for between 2,000 and 10,000 guests. It's the perfect venue for conventions and gives you the ability to provide trade show rental space for business owners. This space also offers quick access to the food court, smoothie bar and an on-site, sit down restaurant.


The Perfect Space for Your Event

Figuring out the perfect setup for your event isn’t always an easy task because we offer so many options. The good news is that the many different types of rooms and the flexible custom options allows you to create the perfect setting for many scenarios, from the most casual event to the most regal celebration. For those who are still uncertain about which type of room works best, consulting with an on-site event services team member will help you iron out those issues and provide some fresh ideas for room setup.


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