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Business Meeting Venue

If your job involves finding business meeting venues near Manheim, PA, you’ve probably looked at a lot of locations in your search for the perfect spot. While some may have checked certain boxes on your must-have list of requirements for a meeting space, there’s no reason to settle for a space that doesn’t have everything you’re looking for. 

Featuring a combination of amenities that facilitate fun but productive experiences, Spooky Nook is an excellent option for businesses looking for corporate event spaces in central PA.

Corporate Event Spaces

Spooky Nook Sports will satisfy every criterion you have for business meeting venues near Hershey, Lancaster or Harrisburg, PA.


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Meeting Space at Spooky Nook Sports

Spooky Nook Sports is the largest indoor sports complex in the United States. It’s also the home of 700,000 square feet of event space, making our convenient location one of the premier business meeting venues near Harrisburg, PA. Our facility can accommodate up to 10,000 guests at the same time. 

While we can accommodate large groups, our meeting space is flexible enough for smaller groups. In fact, we can customize a meeting space that’s ideally sized for your group. This means the square footage you’ll use for your business meeting will be determined by the number of people attending your meeting and the way you want your meeting space to be set up. 

If you need additional dedicated meeting areas for breakout sessions, we can set up separate meeting rooms in our versatile event space. With options to cater to companies and events of any size, Spooky Nook Sports is among the best venues for business meetings in central PA. 

Food and Beverage Options at Spooky Nook Sports

One of the reasons Spooky Nook Sports has evolved into one of the preferred business meeting venues near Lebanon, PA is that we offer a generous number of food and beverage options for business meetings. If you’re going to cater your event, our executive chef and banquet staff will work with you to create a menu that will keep your meeting’s attendees satisfied. We only use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to make the meals and snacks we serve, so you’ll always know your guests are enjoying high-quality food and beverages during the meetings you hold at our location.

Even if you’re not planning to cater your event, your meeting’s attendees will still enjoy numerous dining options at our facility. We have a food court and smoothie bar where they can refuel during breaks from your business meeting. Forklift & Palate, a restaurant featuring modern American cuisine, is conveniently located on our campus so your guests can grab a hearty meal and network with each other during longer breaks.

Hotel Options at Spooky Nook Sports

Our facility features amenities that allow businesses to make the most of their events. If your organization is hosting a week of meetings with employees or clients from afar, book rooms at the Warehouse Hotel for convenient lodging right on our campus. With 135 comfortable rooms, free Wi-Fi access and direct access to Spooky Nook Sports, the Warehouse Hotel is a convenient place for your staff to decompress after a long day of meetings and recharge to maximize productivity in the morning. 

Activities at Spooky Nook Sports

Plenty of venues offer space for businesses to hold companywide meetings and events, but Spooky Nook Sports has features that set us apart from the crowd. As the largest indoor sports complex in the United States, we can facilitate group activities that the entire staff can enjoy. When you book your corporate event with us, you'll treat your staff to a unique and exciting experience far removed from the usual rhythm of their day-to-day jobs. 

Engaging group activities bring co-workers together in ways that time spent at the office can't. If you’re planning a meeting for the purposes of team building, you should know that we offer a wide selection of activities that can bring your team together. Spooky Nook Sports accommodates guests of all ages and fitness levels, so our staff can work with your organization to coordinate an activity agenda that's fun for everyone involved. 

Whether your team wants to participate in fast-paced, competitive games or team building activities that bring people out of their shells, we have options your staff will love. These activities include:

  • Bubble Ball
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Kickball
  • Dodge Ball
  • Giant Jenga
  • Clip ‘N Climb

Believe it or not, that’s just a partial list of the team-building activities we offer at our location. To learn more about what we offer, give us a call at 717-618-8580 or email events@nooksports.com now.

Boosting Employee Engagement Through Team Activities

Team-building activities are a great way for your staff to foster new connections with one another and your business as a whole. These connections are incredibly valuable, and their effects can have lasting long-term benefits for your business. Employee engagement describes staff members' happiness with their jobs as well as their level of emotional commitment to the company and their motivation to see it succeed. 

Engaged employees care about their employers because they feel the respect is mutual. As a result, every staff member will feel motivated to produce at higher levels. What's more, these employees are more likely to stay with your company for longer periods, reducing turnover and saving capital spent training new staff. Better employee engagement means your business will retain happier, harder-working staff members who want to be a part of the organization's success. 

So where does Spooky Nook Sports come in? As a sports complex with 800,000 square feet of indoor event space, our venue is different from others in the area. We provide opportunities for businesses to show appreciation for their employees by treating them to a fun experience that breaks the mundanity of daily duties. 

Schedule a Business Meeting at Spooky Nook Sports

As one of the leading business meeting venues near Lancaster, PA, we make it easy for you to schedule a meeting in a space that will resonate with everyone who attends your meeting.

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Give us a call, contact us online or stop by our location on Spooky Nook Road to schedule your next business meeting at our conveniently located venue today.

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