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Forklift & Palate Restaurant

  • All-American cuisine, featuring traditional classics with a contemporary twist
  • Repurposed industrial decor
  • Two casual, modern bars featuring custom cocktails and local brews
  • Intimate private event space
  • Seating for 200+

Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Wedding anniversaries are a celebration of the love you and your spouse share and the time you've spent together. With every passing year, your bond grows stronger. Before you know it, a year spent together has turned into a decade or more. 

At Spooky Nook, we love helping couples ring in their anniversaries with friends and family. Our 800,000-square-foot indoor event space has everything married couples need to throw a memorable celebration of their love year after year. Each wedding anniversary milestone you've reached together says something different about your marriage, giving you a unique reason to celebrate. 

10th Anniversary Party 

Though it may feel like your wedding was just yesterday, your 10th anniversary is a big milestone for you and your spouse. It takes a lot of work to maintain a marriage for 10 years, and you both have a reason to be proud. After an entire decade as partners in matrimony, you've established yourselves as a formidable duo, but your love isn't slowing down yet. Get together with your friends and family to reflect on your marriage and toast decades to come. 

25th Anniversary Party 

Your 25th anniversary is incredibly special for you and your partner, so bring the entire family together to celebrate. By this time, you may have children who are getting ready to branch out on their own, or maybe you've built a loving legacy with just the two of you. After a quarter-century of marriage, there's little that can come between you. Take some time to appreciate the time you've spent together while looking forward to years of memories to come. 

50th Anniversary Party 

If there was ever a reason for a grand celebration, your 50th anniversary is it. By this time, you and your spouse have grown together in love and wisdom. You've become icons for younger couples and family members to look up to. After half of a century of marriage, spend some time celebrating with all the people you and your spouse have touched with your loving relationship.

Celebrate Your Anniversary With Spooky Nook 

Whether you're celebrating your first or 50th anniversary, Spooky Nook is here to help you throw a celebration to remember. Our facility is packed with amenities that will make your anniversary party a success. 

Event Spaces

From small, intimate gatherings to gigantic celebrations with the entire family and then some, Spooky Nook has the space to accommodate your anniversary party. Our complex features 19 party and banquet rooms with customizable sizing options that fit between 50 and 1,000 people, plus a spacious fitness center with fun activities for guests of all ages. Speak with our staff to determine the best space for your anniversary celebration. 

The official restaurant of the nation’s largest indoor sports complex needed to be unique. Enter the Forklift & Palate. Located in the Warehouse Hotel, The Forklift & Palate Restaurant offers innovative cuisine while honoring our location’s industrial roots. With a menu featuring American bar favorites served with a healthy twist, Forklift & Palate is perfect for a night out, a quick lunch, or a post-workout fuel-up.

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