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3 Tips For Closing More Leads After A Conference Or Event

by Nook Meetings & Events on April 12, 2019

Are you planning and preparing for an important business event? Whether you're searching for a new business partner, make corporate connections or increase your client base, a conference is the perfect setting to grow your business — but how can you be sure the contacts you make will become valuable prospects?

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To make good on the time and effort you put into this event, you need to know how to close more leads. Wondering how you should proceed once you have those business cards? Here are three of our best tips for closing more deals.

1. Take the Next Step Right Away

When it comes to making meaningful contacts and making leads count, getting serious is the most important move you can make. It's easy to go throughout the day meeting various leads, exchanging business cards and saying "we'll be in touch." Unfortunately, this isn't the best way to make connections that will last. If you want to make an impression and build a foundation with a valuable prospect, be ready to take the next step right away.

When you find a contact or opportunity you don't want to miss, make sure you have a datebook or a tablet ready at hand. As soon as you connect, ask your lead to schedule a virtual or in-person meeting in the near future.

2. Send Your Follow-Ups Soon

When following up on your leads, make sure not to waste any time. Whether your leads leave their business cards to make connections or enter them to win a drawing, send your follow-up emails within one to three business days to keep the discussion from the meeting fresh. Your prospects might have trouble remembering all the businesses they connected with during the conference, so it's your job to provide a refresher. Following up quickly will both impress them and express your continued interest. Link your emails to a landing page with valuable content for their business so that your email message stands out and provides value.

3. Personalize Your Correspondence

No one wants to receive a mass email — or feel like they're just another lead in a sea of cold calls. To make your contacts feel recognized and remind them you're personally interested, make your follow-up emails personal. Use the person's name, mention their company's goals and drop in a unique part of your conversation. For example, if you discussed their company's poor work culture, remind them how you're confident you can help develop improvement and reach their goals. Adding a personal aspect goes a long way towards closing the deal.

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