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Where Did The Name Spooky Nook Come From?


Have you ever wondered how we got our name? No, we're not a haunted sports complex. The name actually comes from the road that our facility is built on. I talked to Sam Beiler, Owner & CEO, to get the official Spooky Nook Sports origin story.

One of the questions we get a lot from our local guests is how we pronounce the name of our facility. So, we thought we'd ask our Team Members how they say it. Oh, and while we're on the subject, also teach everyone the correct way to pronounce 'Lancaster'.


Spooky Nook Road

Mackenzie Bender: Do you know how Spooky Nook Road got its name?

Sam Beiler: The genesis of the road name was as a result of the nearby train station. The rail to trail pathway to our Northeast led to a train station a quarter mile away. Back in the day, before electric was common at rural train stations, nighttime meant actual darkness. As a result of the topography between The Nook and the Susquehanna River, we enjoy a nearly constant blowing wind. Add together the wind, the darkness, and the train station's rattles, bumps, and other unidentifiable noises with waiting passengers. The station was nicknamed the Spooky Nook Station. Hence, the name of the road.

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Spooky Nook Sports

MB: Why did you choose to name the sports complex after Spooky Nook Road?

SB: We didn't want the name to be something easily forgettable or underwhelming, considering the size of the building and community/economic impact. After working with a branding firm to create a name and develop supporting creative material, it became clear to us that the name 'Spooky Nook' was much more memorable. We even worked with a local tattoo artist to create the logo.

Lancaster County

MB: Why did you decided to build this type of facility in Lancaster?

SB: It was important for me to support this community that has supported me. And the economic impact in Lancaster County has been significant. Between restaurants, and hotels, and all of the other ancillary services that are provided by others to the guests that come through the Nook, that’s a significant part of what we do. Last year, somewhere around the end of September, I think, we had our one millionth person come through the building just for this year. So, with that kind of activity, the economic impact is pretty obvious in the area.

Back in October of 2017, I got the chance to sit down with Sam to talk even more about his life, The Nook, the community, and the Team Members that work at our facility. Watch the full 4-episode series:

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