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What Does It Mean To Be A Free Agent At The Nook?


At Spooky Nook Sports, we offer a variety of Adult Rec Leagues that you can sign up for. With most of them, there is an option to register as a Free Agent.

This means that if you don't have a full team to sign up, you can register as an individual - or 'Free Agent'. Here's a little bit more about how our Free Agency works:

What is a Free Agent?

A free agent is any individual looking for a team to play with during a season. Free agents can register as an individual for just about any adult league at no cost. If a player is placed with a team, there will be a fee due at that time (fees vary depending on the sport). At Spooky Nook Sports, you can sign up as a free agent for sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, flag football, dodgeball and field hockey to join our adult rec teams.

As an adult sports free agent at the Nook, you get the chance to make new social connections through teamwork while you're participating in your favorite sports.

How do we find you a team?

We go through two steps in an effort to find a team for an individual to play with:

1. If enough free agents register for a league we will combine those individuals to form a team. The team fee is then split among the participants.

2. If there are not enough free agents to form a team, we will reach out to the team captains to see if any teams are in need of a player(s).


A free agent player is only charged the league fee once/if they are successfully placed on a team.

In most cases, free agents will be able to participate on a team in the league they have signed up for. While it is not guaranteed that we can find a team for you, the chances are high that we can work through these steps to get you playing!

What to Expect

Our adult sports leagues feature skill levels from beginner to advanced, so you can look forward to being placed with a team that has players with similar experience levels as you. Once you're in a team, you can expect to receive the schedule for the season about four to seven days before your league begins. The schedule includes the first few weeks of the league and is updated or resent as the season progresses. Here are the different adult rec sports we offer for each season:


Our spring sports in Manheim:

  • Soccer — Outdoor Turf (coed and men's)
  • Ultimate Frisbee — Dome (coed)
  • Flag football — Outdoor Turf (coed)
  • Volleyball (coed and women's)
  • Basketball (coed)
  • Dodgeball (coed)

Our spring sports in LANCO:

  • Soccer (men's, coed and women's)


Our summer sports in Manheim: 

  • Basketball (men's and women's) 
  • Soccer (coed and men's)
  • Volleyball — Sand Courts (coed) 

Our summer sports in LANCO: 

  • Soccer (coed and women's)
  • Field hockey (women's)
  • Lacrosse (women's) 

Coed Ultimate Frisbee varies between Manheim and LANCO depending on availability.


Our fall sports in Manheim:

  • Basketball (men's and coed)
  • Flag football — Outdoor Turf (coed)
  • Field hockey — Outdoor Turf (women's)
  • Dodgeball (coed)
  • Soccer — Outdoor Turf (coed and men's)
  • Volleyball (coed and women's)
  • Ultimate Frisbee — Dome (coed)

Our fall sports in LANCO:

  • Soccer (coed, men's and women's)


Our winter sports in Manheim:

  • Basketball (coed and men's)
  • Soccer (coed and men's)
  • Field hockey — Hard Court (women's)
  • Dodgeball (coed)
  • Kickball (coed)
  • Ultimate Frisbee — Dome (coed)
  • Volleyball (coed, women's and men's)

Our winter sports in LANCO:

  • Soccer (coed, men's and women's)

Come check it out for yourself!

Adult rec leagues at Spooky Nook Sports are an experience you cannot find anywhere else. Play the sports you love inside the largest indoor sports complex in the United States. We welcome adult rec leagues to hold their competitions in our expansive complex or individuals and teams can join one of our internal adult leagues.

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