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The Top 4 Fitness Trends For 2021


As 2020 winds down, many people are ready to leave the year behind and start fresh. What will 2021 bring for fitness? We've compiled our predictions for the biggest fitness trends in 2021. Here's what we see on the horizon.

1. Rising Demand for Group Workouts and Adult Rec Sports

After a year spent restricted mainly to our houses with little interaction with others, people are ready to get together again. When it's safe to gather, we anticipate greater interest in exercise options that allow users to work together safely in environments that offer opportunities for social distance as well as togetherness. 

Group exercise classes will always be among the most popular offerings at a gym, but they will have particular appeal in 2021. Getting out of the house for a class where people can work toward the same goal and enjoy each other's company will be especially rewarding.

Adult recreational sports leagues will also become more popular. They permit people to spend time in a group while exercising. Having fun is also at the top of everyone's wish list following 2020. There's nothing more enjoyable than taking to the court or field for a competition that can distract you from off-the-field issues.

2. Increasing Group Workout Classes Focusing on Mind and Body

We anticipate group mind and body classes will see a big surge, too. This year brought lots of challenges that impacted our mental health as well as our physical health. As a result, many people are looking for fitness options that offer benefits for their minds — not just their abs or legs. We will see a significant rise in interest in classes that combine exercise with a mental release, such as:

  • Yoga.
  • Tai chi.
  • Pilates

3. Gaining Popularity of HIIT Classes

High-intensity interval training pushes people to their limits, combining short bursts of high-intensity exercises, such as jumping jacks or squat jumps, with 10-second recovery periods. The classes aim to max out your strength and cardiovascular capacity, which strains your system and helps you get stronger.

HIIT burns a load of calories and requires no special equipment. It offers the perfect blend of simplicity and effectiveness for workouts at home or the gym, which makes it a great way to kick off the new year.

4. Surging Numbers of Wearable Technology Users

Smartwatches and other forms of wearable tech allow you to monitor your heart rate, exertion level and distance traveled while you exercise, letting you work out smarter. More people are drawn to the gym because of this improved technology, which enables you to target your goals using past data to guide you. It's smart, but it's also fun!

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