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How to Stick to a Workout Routine


Consistency is an important aspect of physical fitness. The more you work out, the easier it will become to achieve your goals and set higher ones. In this post, we'll discuss a few habits you can implement to ensure you hit your stride in a consistent workout routine. 

best ways to stick with a workout routine - infographic

How to Start Working out and Stick to It

Following these eight tips can help you develop a regular workout habit that you can maintain over time. 

1. Set up a Workout Routine

Sticking to a fitness routine starts with creating a personalized, goal-oriented routine that fits into your lifestyle.

Consider some goals so you know what you want to achieve. Are you in it to retain your current fitness level, get back in shape, lose weight or build muscle? 

Once you have a goal, think about how much time you have to work out and if you can create extra time in your schedule. 

When you know how many times a week you'll exercise, create workout plans so you can use your time effectively. Your routine should work toward your goals, but remember that balance is crucial. Be sure to consider the important fitness areas that make a balanced routine — aerobic fitness, strength training, core exercises, balance training, and flexibility. 

2. Start Small and Nail Your Goal 

Accomplishing goals can motivate you to keep going. When you first start your workout routine, tell yourself you'll go to the gym for a quick five-minute session. Even a brisk 20-minute workout will feel like a leap in the right direction. 

3. Get up and Go 

We've all been there — some days, just getting yourself to the gym is a challenge. But you can do it! Making it to the gym on your most reluctant days will boost your confidence to get you through today's workout and the next one. If you miss a day, that's okay! Try again next time and reward yourself for going back after a missed workout. 

4. Take Baby Steps

Building confidence is important when you first start your routine. It's perfectly fine to start small and accomplish goals in tiny increments. Fill your workout routine with exercises you can manage, then slightly increase the difficulty when they become easy. 

5. Go With a Buddy

Working out with a friend or group can make your routine more fun. Plus, you and your friend can motivate each other to stick to the routine and accomplish your goals. 

6. Hit the Gym Early in the Day 

Working out in the morning has numerous benefits. For one, you may be more motivated to work out before a long day than afterward. Physiologically, morning workouts have been shown to reduce blood pressure throughout the day when mixed with breaks from plonged sitting. 

7. Hone Your Strengths 

Exercise can and should be fun, so keep that in mind. Maybe you know you prefer jogging over lifting weights or vice-versa. Perhaps getting competitive through a recreational sports league would motivate you the best. Start your routine with activities you excel at and love to do. 

8. Bump Some Tunes 

Working out to music can be the advantage you need to stick to your routine. Studies show that music can keep you going during a workout. It turns out that listening to upbeat music during endurance workouts can help you power through.  

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