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Spooky Nook's Pints & Poses Continues To Grow


On Friday, March 16, 2018, Spooky Nook Fitness held its first ever Pints & Poses event.

This class (free to both fitness members and non-member) found a way to participate in yoga while enjoying a cold beer. Participants were also given a free pint glass that night just for attending. The only cost during the hour-long session is whatever you choose to drink that night.

Over a year later, The Nook continues to partner with our in-house Forklift & Palate Restaurant to offer this opportunity on a monthly basis. In March of 2019, one year after the first class, nearly 200 people showed up to try this one-of-a-kind experience.


Now, the Spooky Nook team is looking for ways to mix things up. "For Valentine's Day, we tested out partner yoga and it was a big hit! So, this summer, we'll be doing some more variations of our typical Pints & Poses," said Tammy Peifer, Nook Fitness' Group Exercise Coordinator. "Wine & Warriors and BARRE & Bubbly are just some of the things we'll be introducing over the next few months."

Each month, the Pints & Poses night is announced as a Facebook event on the Spooky Nook Sports page. Follow our page to stay up to date on all Pints & Poses related announcements!

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