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Spooky Nook Announces Change to Basketball Academy Program


Spooky Nook Sports would like to officially announce a change for the upcoming Basketball Academy season.

The Academy will now transition to outside management as a non-profit organization and an official AAU affiliate.

“We wanted to create flexibility to meet the needs of underprivileged youth athletes and still have a safe haven as our home complex,” said Kerry Glover when asked what sparked the beginnings of this change. “We are excited at the opportunity to continue to work with Spooky Nook Sports and its leadership to continue to provide that haven. There’s no better facility in the country.”

This new organization, Raiders Basketball Academy, will continue to use our complex as their home facility. Run by brothers Kevin and Kerry Glover, this change will be of direct benefit to the individual athlete.

“As we strive to provide opportunities for the student athletes as and the future leaders of tomorrow, we are pleased to continue to do so with Spooky Nook Sports and its leadership,” stated Kevin Glover. “The Raiders Basketball Academy Mission will remain the same, To be the leader in developing today’s youth through basketball by providing programs and opportunities that will improve the athletes physically, emotionally and mentally in preparation for their next level.”

Raiders Basketball Academy is a separate legal entity and is not associated with Spooky Nook Sports.

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