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Nontraditional Sports on the Rise


As any major sports and fitness fans know, traditional sports have dominated the field for as long as anyone can remember. But nontraditional sports are gaining traction among the health and fitness crowd, especially with younger generations. From ultimate frisbee to rock climbing, new sports activities are emerging and becoming more popular every day.

As the trend with nontraditional sports continues to rise, more sports facilities are recognizing them. That's a major bonus for exercise fanatics, who get a dedicated space to practice their favorite nontraditional sports alongside fellow sports lovers.

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If you're looking to try a new sport or want to spice up your fitness routine, nontraditional sports can offer you new and exciting ways to get on your feet and out the door. Check out some of the trending nontraditional sports below to see if one sounds interesting to you!

Ultimate Frisbee

This version of frisbee is a fast-paced, non-contact sport that's perfect for players of any age and experience level. Once you get the hang of the game, ultimate frisbee can be the perfect nontraditional sport to get you and your friends outdoors and active while also getting to interact with new people. 

The rules are simple and easy to follow — games are played on a rectangular field, with an end zone on either side. Here's a quick fun fact — ultimate frisbee shares a few similarities with one sport we all know, which is American football. As a result, it's pretty easy to learn.

Ultimate Frisbee Rules

Ultimate Frisbee Rules

Each ultimate frisbee team is typically made up of seven players, with one team playing offense and the other playing defense. Each game starts when teams line up in front of their respective end zones and the defense throws the frisbee to the offense. From here, players must score points by getting the frisbee into the other team's endzone. There are substitutes allowed when timeouts are called or due to injury.

Arguably the most important rule of ultimate frisbee is that players can't run with the frisbee like you'd be able to in other sports, such as football or soccer. To make a pass, you can only move by pivoting on the heels of your feet. Additionally, players must make passes within 10 seconds of receiving the disk. If they drop the frisbee, another player knocks them down or the opposing team intercepts their throw, the frisbee is now in the other team's possession.

The second most important rule of ultimate frisbee is no contact. If contact is made with another player, it's a foul. One of the more interesting aspects of ultimate frisbee is that players are responsible for calling all fouls. Any dispute over fouls or other calls must be settled among the players. This rule is especially important to remember if you're playing defense and are trying to block passes from the offense, as any contact you make with the offensive player can give the offense an advantage.

Benefits of Ultimate Frisbee

These days, ultimate frisbee is becoming one of the more popular nontraditional team sports out there, with teams cropping up in all locations. The sport boasts an effective aerobic workout and is a perfect fit for players with a competitive side. If you enjoy a fast-paced environment and working as part of a team, ultimate frisbee may be the sport for you!


Today, climbing is quickly making its way to the top as a popular new sport activity. The benefits of climbing appeal to both sports enthusiasts and fitness buffs. While it may seem like a challenge at first, you can develop your climbing skills outdoors at designated practice parks or inside at gyms that have climbing walls. There are even gyms specific to climbing where you can meet others who enjoy the sport and build connections with like-minded individuals.

Points to Remember When Climbing

Points to Remember When Climbing

Once you find the facility that's right for you, here are some essential things to keep in mind before climbing for the first time:

  • Wear the right clothes: It's crucial to stay comfortable, as you'll be working all of your muscle groups at the same time. Make sure your clothes give you some flexibility, but they aren't so loose they'll get caught as you move or become stuck in your equipment. 
  • Getting the right gear: Many climbing gyms or facilities will allow you to rent gear so you don't have to purchase it. However, if your facility doesn't, call ahead and check what you may need. Some of these items include harnesses, locking carabiners, and chalk.
  • Pick the right shoes: Be sure to wear the right shoes when climbing, as you want the most traction possible. Make sure your shoes fit you correctly without causing any pain and have the appropriate level of traction on the soles. If you aren't sure about what shoe to get, someone at your climbing facility should be able to point you in the right direction.
  • Pay attention to safety rules: All facilities should clearly state their safety rules. Often, these rules will be posted in multiple locations where you can find them and read them. Follow these rules at all times to make sure your experience is the best it can be.

Benefits of Climbing

Once you begin your journey as a climber, you'll notice some significant health benefits, as climbing is an incredible aerobic and anaerobic workout. All your muscle groups are stimulated at the same time, offering a full-body workout that's both effective and fun. On average, climbing burns several hundred calories every hour. These numbers are significant, especially when a typical gym workout often burns much fewer calories. If you want to get the most out of your workouts, climbing can offer you an engaging way to exercise while you meet new people.

If you become proficient at indoor climbing, you may want to head outdoors to try climbing in local parks or state forests. There are climbers of varying experience levels who climb on real terrain after learning the ropes indoors. Feel free to join a local climbing group that coordinates trips, so you can climb in new places and make friends. 


Almost everyone remembers the days of gym class where the P.E. teacher would line up dodgeballs across the center of the gym floor, each team eagerly waiting for the whistle to blow to signal the start of the game. For many of us, it's a fond memory of our youth and we often don't think we can experience it again. However, dodgeball is on the rise as a nontraditional sport and many leagues for all ages are rapidly forming.

Dodgeball Rules

Dodgeball is a fun sport you can play year-round.

Each team is made up of six players, with space available for four substitutes if needed. The regulation court size is 30 feet by 30 feet, though the teams can alter the size to fit within the given space. The goal of dodgeball is to eliminate the other team's players by hitting them with a ball. If you catch a ball thrown at you, the thrower is out. Catching a ball also allows you to bring back a player on your team that was previously eliminated.

At the start of the game, five balls are lined up along the centerline of the court. This centerline establishes the two sides for the teams, which players can't cross. Once the signal to start the game is given, the players from each team rush forward to grab the balls. At the very beginning of the game, the centerline can potentially lead to an early elimination as players from both teams are trying to grab the balls and quickly eliminate other players early game.

Once all players on a team are eliminated, the opposing team wins. If time runs out and both teams still have players on the court, the team with the least amount of players loses. It can be challenging to eliminate players for good, as catching a ball brings those players back onto the court. That's what makes dodgeball the perfect sport for incredibly competitive players.

Benefits of Dodgeball

It's also perfect for those looking for a high-intensity workout. There's a lot of cardio involved as you run across the court, trying to hit the other team's players while also trying to avoid being hit. Also, you'll become stronger in multiple muscle groups as dodgeball engages your entire body. It's not unusual to come off the court sweating immensely from the intensity of the game.

Additionally, dodgeball increases your hand-eye coordination as you have to concentrate heavily on catching balls and throwing them at other players. As a result, the longer you play the game, the better your hand-eye coordination will become, benefiting you in many other aspects of your life, such as improved fine motor skills.

If you're looking for the right balance between competitive gameplay and a high-intensity workout, dodgeball is the right fit for you!

Flag Football

Flag Football

It's no surprise that the popularity of flag football is on the rise. American football has been one of the most popular sports in America for generations, and flag football is a variation of the sport.

Flag Football Rules

The difference between the two is that instead of tackling, players wear colored flags around their waists that the opposing players have to pull off. No other form of contact is typically allowed, such as diving or blocking, though this rule will vary from league to league. For example, some adult leagues do allow some form of chest blocking, while youth leagues usually avoid all forms of contact for safety reasons.

One of the most appealing factors of flag football is that there are many variations of the game, making it accessible to different individuals and age groups. The absence of a dominating organization allows you to vary the number of players, the size of the field, the level of contact and more. Typically, team sizes vary from five players on each team to as many as nine, depending on your area and the league you join.

It's possible to score points in various ways, as well. For example, touchdowns are usually awarded six points, but additional points can be made if touchdowns are successfully completed from the 3-yard line or some other variation. These types of touchdowns are usually decided by the league or the two teams if they aren't a part of a league.

The equipment you need to play flag football is relatively simple. All you need is a football and a flag or flag belt. Many players also choose to wear non-metal cleats as it helps with gaining traction on the turf or field. If players choose to wear a flag belt, there are some rules that apply:

  • Shirts must be tucked into the flag belt.
  • The flag belt can't be shielded by any body part.
  • The football must be in your possession before an opponent pulls the belt.

Benefits of Flag Football

This type of football is an excellent cardio workout since you're spending a lot of time running across the field. Plus, you're getting a workout in your arms, shoulders and back by throwing and receiving passes. That said, your physical health isn't the only component that improves when playing flag football. Working as part of a team strengthens your social skills, which directly benefits your mental health. With a boost in your physical and mental health, there's an overall improvement in your mood, as well!

Whether you're a casual football fan or an avid player, flag football can connect you with a community of fellow football lovers and help you work out in a fun and exciting way.

Bringing the Fun to You at Spooky Nook

If you've been looking to try a new activity, increase your level of fitness or play a sport for the very first time, nontraditional sports could be the right fit for you! Spooky Nook Sports offers a variety of sports hosted in our world-class facility. With a 700,000 square foot sports complex at your disposal, you can explore numerous sports like the ones listed above in a unique setting.

Memberships are available for those looking to add fitness to their daily routine. Additionally, we have several youth programs and adult recreation leagues, making Spooky Nook fun for the whole family! With all we have to offer, it's easy to find your new passion at Spooky Nook Sports.

Bringing the Fun to You at Spooky Nook


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