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Matt Lengel Signs with the New England Patriots


Spooky Nook Sports would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to NFL tight end, Matt Lengel. On November 2, The New England Patriots announced they had signed Lengel from the Cincinnati Bengals Practice Squad.

Lengel has been a part of the Spooky Nook family for approximately two years and trains with Jim Launer, Managing Director of Athletics, as well as other sports performance coaches.

Lengel started training at The Nook going into his last year of college at Eastern Kentucky University, where he played in 37 games and registered 33 receptions for 361 yards. After his graduation from Eastern Kentucky, he continued to train and complete his Combine Prep at The Nook. During the NFL off-seasons, he continues to train with Launer and various other professional athletes.

Lengel entered the NFL at the age of 24 as a rookie free agent and was signed to the Cincinnati Bengals practice squad in May of 2015. Lengel grew up in Mechanicsburg, PA and played varsity football at Cumberland Valley High School for two years.

Previously Lengel has stated he has had a great experience training with Launer. "He really cares about his athletes and develops personal relationships with them,” Lengel stated adding, "His [Launer] training style really helps you develop into a more powerful athlete."

Lengel also stated his experience at Spooky Nook has been positive, "Training here has helped me overcome injury faster and helped me develop great relationships with athletes from different sports. The facility is incredible and it is impossible to not get better here. It's the total package - training, food, and still areas for fun!"

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