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Tips to Help You Enjoy Indoor Athletic Activities This Winter


When the days get colder, winter can be particularly frigid for those who rely on the outdoors for their fitness routines. You'll want to make a plan before winter hits if working out indoors isn't your default. In this article, we'll cover the most important things to know about working out inside, as well as some indoor gym activities to fill your regiment.

Dress Appropriately

While an indoor fitness center will bring you relief from the cold while you work out, you'll still need some weather-appropriate attire. Wear sweats and a jacket to and from the gym, even if you'll take them off immediately. Cold-weather clothing will keep your muscles warm before your workout, reducing the risk of injury. Plus, warm clothing will protect your body from frostbite or hypothermia — two adverse effects of walking out into the cold immediately after a sweaty workout.

Get Ready for Something Different

Indoor fitness routines are different than what you can do outdoors, but common threads connect both approaches. It may take some mental preparation to do a similar exercise in a new way. For example, avid runners may need to flip a mental switch to get used to running on a treadmill or running laps on a 200-meter track versus outdoor trails. A little preemptive mental preparation can help you adjust and stick to your temporary indoor routine.

Experiment With New Exercises

Sometimes, working out inside means you'll need to try something entirely new, so embrace the opportunity to experiment. There are plenty of unique indoor-exclusive workouts you can try during the winter, so register for a yoga class, join a cycling session or strap in at the climbing wall for a change of pace.

Join a Recreational Sports League

One of the best aspects of outdoor fitness training is the freedom and natural flow that so many outdoor activities offer. Recreation sports leagues provide a way to recapture those feelings with rigorous workouts that fly by before you realize it. You can register for a rec sports league to push your limits in fun games like dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, basketball, and more.

Power Through the Winter With Spooky Nook Sports

Looking for a welcoming place to experiment with indoor fitness activities? Add Spooky Nook Sports in Manheim, Pennsylvania, to your list. Our world-class facility hosts competitive skill-based rec leagues. Our trainers can help you make the most of our fitness center. For more information, contact the Nook today!

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