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How to Correctly Order Your Exercises When Working Out


Have you ever wondered how to order your workouts at the gym? You may have heard that you can gain more muscle or lose more fat by changing the order of your cardio and strength training. But will paying more attention to workout order really give you an edge at the gym?

Yes, you can benefit from switching things up. We advise athletes at Spooky Nook Sports to consider their goals before determining the best order for their gym workout plan. You can see results from giving careful thought to your routine.

Cardiovascular vs. Strength Training

The best order for your gym workout will help you accomplish your goals. Think about your exercise sessions and what you want to get out of them. First, you should understand the two main parts of a workout:

  • Cardio: Cardiovascular fitness focuses on aerobic exercise that elevates the heart rate.
  • Strength: Strength training involves lifting weights or using bodyweight to build lean muscle. It may include compound or single-joint movements.

What Order Should I Work Out My Body?

We recommend finishing your workout with a more extended cardio session. Cardio builds your endurance, and doing cardio at the beginning of a session can sap your energy and leave you with less muscle power during your reps.

Strength training often involves compound exercises. You benefit from performing these at the beginning of your session, when you are fresh and have better concentration and less-fatigued muscles. Always put the most complex moves at the start. You want to maintain form throughout your exercise, and doing these moves early, when your muscles still have maximum strength, will benefit you in the long term.

Single-joint movements should come after you perform compound exercises. You can do these movements while you are fatigued. Always save your ab workouts for the very end of your session. Most cardio, such as running or biking, doesn't rely heavily on abs for anything other than balance, so your midsection will be ready for a challenging workout.

Perform Every Exercise Precisely, No Matter the Order

If you don't use good form, it won't matter what order you place your exercises in. Practicing each move and doing it exactly how you are supposed to can improve your form and make the movements more effective.

You should also warm up and cool down every time you work out. Having pliant muscles ready to work will help you gain the results you want more quickly, as you can make each move more efficiently.

For expert input into the best order to workout muscle groups, book a session with a personal trainer at Spooky Nook Sports. We can build the most beneficial gym workout plan to meet your goals.

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