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How to Make The Most Out Of Your Gym Membership


So many people have gym memberships, but aren't taking advantage of all they have to offer. With busy schedules and hectic lives, it becomes so easy to skip the gym or waste your time when you're there. We've outlined some ways that can help you ensure you are getting the most out of your gym membership and achieving your fitness goals. 

Keep Your Schedule

If you have a gym membership, use it! A good way to waste your gym membership is to skip too many days, or get in the routine of not going. What you want to do is the opposite. Get in a routine of going every day after work or get up early and go in before your day begins. Spooky Nook Sports is open late, and we offer day care services to ensure anyone can fit a workout into their busy schedule. 

No matter what time you choose, it is important to stay consistent. Stick to your plan that works with your schedule and don't stray from it. When you create a regular routine and commit to it, you'll see impressive results down the road. 

Your schedule is just as important as your workout plan. Before you go for your workout that day, plan what exercises you will do. You can cater your exercises so they can help you achieve your fitness goals and planning ahead will help you minimize time wasted when you're at the gym.

Try Some Classes

group of people in biking class

Working out with a group of people can provide some extra motivation as well as make you feel more comfortable. Taking the classes that your gym offers is great for learning new ways to workout and taking advantage of the social aspect. Classes are fun and people who take classes have the opportunity to make friends who may become future workout partners. 

If you don't want to make classes your primary workout, they are still a great cardio substitute, especially if you find yourself dreading your treadmill run every day. Even if you don't want to take the whole class, you can pick a spot in the back and use the first 15 minutes as your warm up. 

If you're looking for some fun classes, check out our Group Fitness classes. From strength training to cardio, combo sessions and mind and body workouts, our classes have something unique for everyone to enjoy. 

Pick a Convenient Location

Location is everything. In order to maximize your gym membership, you should be sure to choose a gym that is close to you. Your gym should be convenient to you, because if it's not a hassle to get to, it's harder to make excuses not to go. If your gym is far away, then that will become another reason why you won't go.

Consider when you'll fit exercise into your schedule. Find a facility near your home, the office, your child's school or somewhere else that makes it easy for you to use your membership. 

Just because a gym is close to you, doesn't automatically make it the best gym for you. Go in, take a tour, talk to some of the staff about their equipment. Find out as much information as you can before committing to it. If you're thinking about joining Nook Fitness, visit our fitness membership page and stop in and explore Spooky Nook Sports in Manheim.

Get a Personal Trainer

There's nothing better than a person on your side who will continually motivate you to reach your goals. This is where a personal trainer comes in. Many gyms offer personal trainers who help new fitness members maximize their gym time and help veteran gym members rework their routines and avoid burnout. 

When searching for a gym, ask about personal trainers. Sometimes, gyms offer one or two free sessions for new members. These sessions will help you get acquainted with the gym and its equipment and the trainer may help you create your own routine. 

If you're looking into personal training at The Nook, we have multiple trainers who are all willing to help you reach your fitness goals. Our certified trainers have experience working with individuals of any experience level.

Bring a Friend

Two men on stationary bikes smiling

Just like a personal trainer, there is nothing better than having a consistent friend to workout with. Having a buddy will help you work harder and have more fun. They are also there to keep you accountable. If one of you isn't feeling particularly motivated, the other can encourage to push through and workout with them.

Spooky Nook Sports is one of the few gyms that will let you bring a guest as a workout partner. We'll provide two free guest passes a year so you can train with a partner you know will keep you motivated through the entire workout. 

Overall, committing to a gym is a big thing so you want to do everything you can to maximize it. If you show up and work hard, you'll reach your fitness goals in no time.

Health Club Memberships in Central Pennsylvania

If you're ready to join a gym in Lancaster County, make Spooky Nook Sports your first choice. We offer multi-gym memberships that grant you access to our world-class facilities. From group classes to personal training, you'll find everything you need to take your fitness journey to the next level at Spooky Nook Sports. For more on our amenities or membership rates, get in touch with our staff today! 

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