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How To Get Your Child To Be Active - Encourage Physical Activity


children playing futsal at Spooky Nook Sports in Manheim, PA

Exercise helps people live longer, happier and healthier lives. Kids are no exception. The earlier kids adopt a healthy lifestyle, the more they set themselves up for good health for life. Children living an active lifestyle are more likely to have:

  • Higher levels of confidence and self-esteem
  • Lower occurrences of anxiety and depression
  • Healthier body weight and BMI
  • Reduced risk of diabetes
  • Better heart, brain and body health

Sometimes, getting kids up and off the couch in today's digital world is easier said than done. With the right approach, anything is possible. Work with your kids to find ways they can be more active throughout the day. Here's a few tips to get kids moving and exercising.

Set the Example

Be the change you want to see in your kids. It's a lot easier to encourage exercise if your kids see you exercising. The same goes for promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors. Kids will mimic your actions, so be a positive role model and set a good example.

Limit Screen Time

Screens are everywhere. Computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs. Screens encourage kids to sit for hours, behavior that contributes to childhood obesity rates. Scheduling dedicated screen breaks creates time for healthy physical activity.

Tip: Resist the urge to use screens as a babysitter.

Build Exercise Habits

How do you encourage your kids to go outside more? Build strong exercise habits into their daily lives. Give your kids and yourself a boost by exercising with them. Going for family walks, scheduling interactive playtime and tackling chores with high energy can make exercise a natural and regular habit.

Enroll Kids in Sports

Sports are a great way to get kids interested in an active lifestyle. Sports help kids build confidence, develop team skills and adopt healthy habits early on. Chances are, there's a sport your kids are interested in trying. Narrow the field by gauging their:

  • Current athletic ability: Are they ready for sports, or would they benefit from some training first?
  • Sports interest: Have they shown interest in any sports, or do they need more exposure?
  • Age limits: Some sports have age groups they are best suited for. Is your child ready?

Sports challenge kids to push themselves harder, spend more time outdoors and live active lifestyles. Once enrolled, encourage them to grow in their sport through additional training, regular exercise, and a balanced diet.

Tip: Take it easy. Push kids too hard, and they will push back or worse, become injured. Keep exercise fun and light, and they'll keep coming back to healthy exercise routines.

Raise Active, Healthy Kids at Spooky Nook Sports

Kids need proper guidance and space to live active lifestyles. At Spooky Nook Sports, we offer a range of sports and athletic programs for youths and teens in our sprawling indoor/outdoor training facility. For more information about youth and teen training programs or to enroll your child, contact us today!

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