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6 Fun Family Activities for Winter


Having fun and spending time together as a family is important. The more time you spend together, the stronger the relationships you can build. Strong family relationships lead to more open, honest communication and a healthy support system. 

There are plenty of things to do together throughout the year, even in the winter. Here are six fun family winter activities you can do this snowy season.

1. Go Ice Skating

Whether you're a family of beginners or long-time skating enthusiasts, everyone will have fun learning new tricks and motions. Plus, ice skating is a great way to stay healthy and active during the colder months. It can improve your balance, coordination and muscle strength.

2. Movie Night

Cold weather makes for the ideal movie night setting. Decide on a list of movies you want to watch together as a family and make a variety of movie snacks to enjoy while you watch. Make your living room extra cozy with comfortable blankets and pillows and consider sipping on hot cocoa. 

3. Go Bowling

Need a kid-friendly activity for when the cold weather hits? Check out your local bowling alley. Bowling is an activity that the whole family can do together. Some bowling alleys even have special, kid-friendly lanes.

4. Volunteer

Volunteering in the winter — especially near the holiday season — is a popular and rewarding family-friendly activity. Teach your family the importance of giving back by seeking out local needs. For example, you can visit your neighbors and offer to shovel snow from their sidewalks or send greeting cards to overseas members of the military.

5. Take In a Sports Game

One fun activity is taking in a winter sports game together, like hockey or professional ice skating. Watching sports together fosters a spirit of healthy competition. Plus, watching a game may even spark a new interest in your child and inspire them to participate in a winter sport.

6. Visit a Local Sports Center

A local indoor sports and activity center for kids is your destination for fun activities this winter. Indoor sports centers provide a safe way to have fun and get active, all while staying warm. Look for a sports center that offers something for every age, including children and adults.

Have Fun at Spooky Nook Sports with Your Family this Winter

Spooky Nook Sports is your one-stop destination for winter family fun. We are the largest indoor sports complex in the United States. We are passionate about providing a safe, enjoyable space to challenge yourself and grow closer as a family. Your kids will love our arcade and climbing center, and you'll enjoy our indoor sports and training facilities. 

Learn more about Spooky Nook Sports or check out our events calendar to see what fun activities we have planned.

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