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A Day at the Beach: Three Sand Volleyball Courts in Progress


Three Sand Volleyball Courts in Progress at The Nook

Manheim, PA – Spooky Nook Sports is expanding in more ways than one, with plans to add three sand volleyball courts to its complex. The new courts are slated to be open in May, accompanied by outdoor bathrooms, concessions, and 750 new parking spaces. The Nook is planning on opening the courts for a variety of uses.

While Spooky Nook Sports is known as the nation’s largest indoor sports complex, it’s notable that the facility is putting plenty of thought into its outdoor area as well. The three new sand volleyball courts will be NCAA compliant. Thus, some of the specs to take into consideration are the whiteness of the sand, water drainage, and depth of the sand.

The three beach volleyball courts will be used for leagues, camps, clinics, and sports performance training. Additionally, the courts will be available for rent based on availability.

Complementing the courts will be spectator seating, lighting, outdoor bathrooms, and a concessions stand. On top of it all, 750 new parking spaces will be available to guests of The Nook.

With the courts currently under construction, Spooky Nook Sports is excited to open them up in May when the weather will be warm. Three brand-new beach volleyball courts will mean summer is in the air.

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