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Company Culture At Spooky Nook Sports


'Company Culture' is a term that is becoming increasingly popular. Businesses continue to improve and define their culture each and every day.

Five years after opening our doors, The Nook's culture is still growing and evolving in a lot of ways.

We believe that the number one thing helping to define and mold our culture is our team members. Starting with the hiring process, we strive to build a team whose positive outlooks and energies will work to mold and shape our culture. As it relates to the importance of the hiring process, Owner & CEO of Spooky Nook, Sam Beiler, said, "By defining and hiring for the desired culture we can deliver an experience to our guests that reflects our joyful, kind, and hard-working environment."

Recently, we have begun to analyze what core values we want our Nook team members to live out while they're at work. Our Executive Team decided on four values that will help us create the kind of culture that we want at The Nook:

  1. Make kindness contagious.
  2. Help others succeed.
  3. See the work.
  4. Be honest.

When asked what those values mean to him, and how he embodies them each day while at work, Beiler explained, "When stepping out of my car in the parking lot, I make a decision to live by the Nook’s core values. This means walking with eyes up and greeting my co-workers and guests (kindness), pick up trash along the way (see the work), watch for opportunities to step in and briefly help someone with their work (help others succeed)."

Whether you work at our Guest Services desk, Smoothie Bar, are a coach, or on the Executive Team, we look to every Team Member to bring those values to work each day.

We asked Mike Messina, our Chief Business Development Officer, what makes working at The Nook so unique. He said, "While it is still evolving, it is a fun, engaging, collaborative place. What makes it unique is that we established very simple core values in a really cool, one-of-a kind environment."

As we continue to more specifically define our culture, the people that work at The Nook will be the guiding force to help us do just that.

Want to work at The Nook? Check out a full list of our job openings below.

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